Our Best Moisturisers for a Mature Skin

Our Best Moisturisers for a Mature Skin

Many of my clients ask me what the best moisturiser for a mature skin type is. As the skin evolves it will require us to amend our skincare regime and to take note of the skin signals that it is giving us. The more we can nourish and feed the skin the more chance it has to keep its barrier intact which essentially means a healthier happier skin!

Such signals can be: 

  • Skin is becoming more sensitive or reactive to products
  • The skin feels tighter
  • The skin is more reactive to the environment
  • The skin fluctuates with hormonal changes
  • The skin feels rougher from cells taking longer to renew and exfoliate from the skin's surface
  • The skin craves more nourishment – even after you apply your moisturiser your skin still wants more

Using the right products for your skin type and skin condition at any age is the key to keeping your skin in an optimal state. 

What I love most is sharing these skin tips and signs with my clients through the Matrix Program an online skin advice portal. It is here that I begin many long-term relationships with my clients where I assist them in getting to know their skin. The reason for this is, once we understand our own skin and the signals it sends us we can then adapt and change our skincare regime with confidence on our own.

So let’s delve into the most popular moisture-drenching moisturisers we have. 


Skin Matrix Ultra Hydrating Booster Duo

One of our most popular as it is so versatile. Use the Ultra Dry morning and night and add in the CoQ10 Rosehip Oil to the Ultra Dry for an extra hydration boost. The Coq10 oil contains Vitamin C and E to feed the skin antioxidants. Our Ultra Dry Moisturiser is rich with Peptides too to target anti-ageing whilst you are hydrating! Soothe even the most sensitive of skins with Mango Seed Butter and Shea Butter, excellent hydrators, supporting the skins barrier making it perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. 

Ultra hydrating booster duo

Aspect Phytostat 9 Moisturiser 

Our clients love the richness of the Aspect Phytostat 9 Moisturiser. Aspect Phytostat 9 is a must-have anti-aging cream developed for dry, dehydrated, and mature complexions. This intensely nourishing moisturiser uses advanced technology to naturally adjust to the specific needs of your skin, restoring a measured amount of vital moisture for a plumper and a more luminous finish.

Aspect Phytostat 9 Moisturiser

Thalgo 24 Hour Hydra Marine Cream

This luxurious moisturiser instantly hydrates the skin, whilst its rich texture leaves the skin feeling velvety and smooth. Perfect for all skin types suffering from dehydration or with concerns of dryness. The face is full of freshness and regains its softness and supple feel. The complexion becomes luminous and radiant.

 Thalgo 24 hour marine cream

PCA HydraLuxe Intensive Hydration

Deeply hydrate the skin with this rich, luxurious moisturizer. Essential for anti-aging, dry and sensitive skin, HydraLuxe improves moisture retention, reduces signs of aging and preserves the appearance of youthful skin. Feel softer, smoother and healthier skin.

 PCA Hydraluxe Intensive Hydration

Osmosis MD Enrich Restorative Night Cream

My clients love using this both morning and night. For the ultimate in hydration and for those who feel that nothing they use hydrates enough. Then I suggest mixing the Osmosis MD Enrich Moisturiser with the Osmosis MD Immerse. The Osmosis MD Immerse can be mixed with any moisturiser. It is full of essential fatty acids that nourish and deeply hydrate and soothe the skin. Osmosis MD Enrich will also smooth and firm the skins appearance. 


 Osmosis Enrich Moisturiser



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