Osmosis StemFactor Serum

Osmosis StemFactor Serum

Osmosis StemFactor Growth Factor Serum is the product you want to have in your array of skincare goodies if you are wanting to keep your collagen fresh and healthy. Collagen gives our skin bounce, vitality, and skin thickness. In our skin we have these amazing cells called Fibroblasts –  why are these so amazing and precious? Fibroblasts synthesis or create new collagen, yes, they are the cells responsible for creating new fresh collagen that forms the matrix of the skin. They also play a vital role in wound healing.

Osmosis StemFactor Serum is a combination of both stem cells and fibroblasts to encourage the most complete growth factor population. 600+ growth factors are secreted from the division of stem cells and it is this secretion of growth factors that are collected to form the basis of this protein serum.

These 600+ growth factors and proteins are protected in active exosomes, we are stable and bio-available so your skin can decide when and how to use them for improved performance and skin rejuvenation.

This Growth Factor Media contains:

  • HGF – Hepatocyte growth factor – enhances wound repair and increases the number of macrophages (cells that love mopping up scar tissue) for scar tissue removal
  • TGF-N, B2 and B3 – increases new blood vessel formation and collagen production
  • FGF – fibroblast growth factor – increases the number of collagen manufacturing cells along with increasing their production levels.
  • PDGF – creates new fibroblasts, increases the number of macrophages, and increases angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) and new cell development.


Osmosis StemFactor improves all aspects of skin ageing and damage by encouraging the skin’s repair process and stimulating new cell development for a healthy skin.

Unlike Vitamin A which can have a drying effect on the skin, Osmosis StemFactor will not dry the skin rather nourish and protect it. Perfect for all skin types even the most sensitive.


To use Osmosis StemFactor Serum – Apply 1-2 pumps on clean skin in the morning and night. Follow with additional serums if needed and moisturiser.



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