True skin health not only comprises what we apply to our skin, but it also encompasses our internal health as well. Eczema and Psoriasis, skin congestion, and even sinus and candida now have a supplement to clear the body of digestive toxins and to clear the skin of blemishes. 

Clear skin begins from within! Whether you are experiencing acne, congestion, blackheads, psoriasis or eczema - Skin Clarifier from the Osmosis Wellness Range detoxes mucus throughout the body to improve the skin and allergy-triggered sinus and lung pathways. Promotes optimal gut health whilst supporting the removal of digestive toxins to decrease congestion and clear the skin of blemishes, blackheads and irritation.

Plantain Leaf, Lobelia Herb Powder and Mullein Leaf Powder are the key ingredients in the Osmosis Skin Clarifier. This is a 10 day cleanse that you can repeat as many times as you need to achieve your results. Take 8 tablets, 2 times a day on an empty stomach for 10 days.

Assists with:

Combine Osmosis Skin Clarifier with Osmosis Skin Perfection Elixr which also targets eczema and psoriasis and more...

Best suited for Acne in the regions of the Nose, Upper Cheeks, Forehead and Chin. 

Skin conditions that appear in these zones are caused by imbalances due to toxins from an overgrowth of candida in the digestive tract.  This is often caused by hormones, sugar, and mucus-producing foods; dairy, fried foods, and citric acid.

Recommended to use the Skin Clarifier in conjunction with topical products such as Osmosis MD Rescue. Apply 1 pump AM and PM after cleansing and before your moisturiser. 

Skin Clarifier - 10 day Cleanse (Not to be taken whilst pregnant or breastfeeding)

  • 8 capsules AM and 8 capsules PM for 10 consecutive days.
  • Capsules to be taken on an empty stomach - ideally 30-60 minutes before breakfast and dinner.
  • If food is consumed before taking Skin Clarifier, it is recommended to wait 1 hour after the meal before taking Skin Clarifier.
  • Refrain from consuming mucus-producing foods such as dairy and fried foods; and avoid citrus and sugar/alcohol.
  • Water intake is important, the more water the better.
  • If constipation occurs, please add 1 tsp of Organic Psyllium Husk AM and PM

If there’s no change whilst taking Skin Clarifier in the first 5-7 days, a second and possibly third round is recommended (without a break ie 20 day or 30 day cleanse).


Other Skin Care products that you can introduce:

Cleanser: Purify Enzyme Cleanser (or Gentle Cleanse if skin is sensitive/compromised)

Serums: Calm Vitamin A, StemFactor, Catalyst AC-11, Clarify (spot treatment)

Activating Mist: Infuse

Moisturizer: Quench, Protect Sun Protection


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