When using serums on the skin, we want to ensure that the active ingredients are penetrating the skin to the level they need to get the job done! Osmosis MD Boost activating face mist is specially designed to enhance the efficiency and delivery of your Osmosis concentrated serums by using a pharmaceutical-grade delivery system to penetrate the skin on a cellular level with botanical ingredients. This hydrating mist and toner enhance serum penetration so you can take your skincare routine to the next level! Using Boost will allow you to use less serum, saving you product and money. Featuring a peptide and vitamin-enriched frequency water, Boost works to increase hydration, heal wounds, and repair the epidermal barrier, all while boosting results from your favourite skincare serums.

The NEW Advanced Formula Boost Peptide Activating Mist utilizes a super plant called Wild Rosella (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) which is organically grown in Australia, and is hand-harvested at peak perfection for its natural moisture-enhancing properties. Wild Rosella, with its sweet, captivating scent, is a member of the hibiscus family and is native to the mountains of far Northern Australia, and grows on the coast of Northern Australia. Wild Rosella plant is known for its medicinal virtue. Traditionally, the heated leaves were applied to sores, wounds, and ulcers to speed up healing. It is renowned for having a high concentration of antioxidants and proteins as well as Vitamin A, C and E. It helps revitalise your skin and keep it hydrated all year long.

How to use

Spray 3-5 times directly onto skin after serum application and gently massage. May repeat, if desired. It can also be used directly on irritated skin for calming, if needed. Use to add 'slip' to product and help penetrate the active ingredients into the skin. Can be used at any point throughout the day to hydrate and promote skin wellness.

So next time you reach for your serum, be sure to follow with a refreshing spritz of Osmosis MD Boost to leave you, and your skin feeling fresh, and revitalized.


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