Do you have Oily Skin?

Take our Oily Skin Quiz and discover if using skin care for an oily skin is the right choice for you.

oily skin

I would say that 70% of new clients tick that they have an oily skin when completing my client history cards when in actual fact, by the end of our skin analysis they have learnt that their skin is far from oily.

There are 3 main skin types: dry, combination and oily.

There are many skin conditions such as dehydrated, sensitive, essential fatty acid deficient etc.

Skin conditions we can correct, but your skin type is who you are and remains as such. When you see a skin care specialist we work initially on correcting skin conditions. For eg. If we have a client with an oily skin type, we need to make sure she is using the correct skin care for her skin type. If she is breaking out, we need to address that as a condition in clinic treatments and home care.

One of the greatest causes of acne is misdiagnosing the skin as automatically being oily and not addressing the skin condition as well and taking this into account when using home care. The most common skin type and condition of an acne client is: combination or oily skin type with a dehydrated skin condition, with combination being far more predominant.

Take our Oily Skin Quiz Now and lets see what products are right for you:

  1. Is your face tight after cleansing? 
  2. Do you get any flaking around the nose, eyebrows or mid section? 
  3. Are the pores on your cheeks and forehead smaller than the ones on your nose? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions it is more than likely that you have a combination skin type (or even dry!) and should use products for your skin type. The issue with using oil free products or products that do not hydrate the skin adequately is this can be a major cause of the breakouts themselves. Depriving the skin of essential hydration and further depleting hydration with harsh stripping acne products can even put this skin type into the sensitive category if not addressed and corrected.

Our favourite products for oily skin are: Skin Matrix Deep Pore Cleanser, ASAP Clear Complexion Gel and Skin Matrix BTB Serum.

Acne is my favorite skin condition to deal with and I love seeing the transformations my clients achieve.
If you answered no to all of the above then it is more than likely you have a true oily skin type. I have good news, having an oily skin type does not automatically mean that you will suffer breakouts. So many factors such as lifestyle, health, diet, medication and hormonal issues affect the likelihood of getting acne.

Remember oil is not our enemy! If we could bottle our own oil, it would be the most expensive moisturizer you would ever own. People with oily skin will age slower than the rest of us…. its a blessing!

If you are unsatisfied with your skins condition, and want to reach your skins potential come in for a skin consultation and lets work towards achieving some realistic skin care goals together.

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