So you have dry skin? What to do? Do you ever feel you are never getting the maximum hydration for your skin?

Did you know that a skin that is hydrated correctly won't break out as much and it will be more resilient against feeling sensitive and irritated.  

Our skins outer layer needs a decent barrier to protect the underlying layers from the wind, pollution, bacteria and heating/air conditioning. As we age, our skin doesn’t produce as much oil, therefor we need to compensate this lack of, if we wish our skin to have the desired dewy glow.  

I have a list here of 3 skin hydration options to cater for those requiring a top up of hydration to those requiring as much as humanly possible.  

For normal to dry skin types:

These are the skins that typically do not feel tight or irritated but could on occasions have an issue with their make up not applying as evenly and smoothly as one would want. This category is undernourished can actually break out. It is not uncommon for the skin to breakout if there is not sufficient hydration going on. For those of you with a normal skin type, throw OUT your oil free moisturiser. Oil is gold and we need to use the right oil that will not make us breakout. Bearing in mind that some of the below products are water based.

I would recommend you try one of the below moisturisers.  

Aspect SMC

Skin Matrix HydraCell

Osmosis Quench


For Dry Skin Types:

One is usually aware they have a dry skin type. Breakouts are less frequent, hydration is usually more of a priority than breaking out. Less oil production will mean less dewy supple skin. Sometimes the skin can look a little crepey, accentuating fine lines. I find adding a facial oil like our Skin Matrix CoQ10 Rosehip Oil can give the skin that added extra moisture burst whilst energizing the skin with Vitamin C and CoQ10. Try one of the suitable moisturiser for dry skin types:

Aspect Phytostat 9

Skin Matrix HydraCell Moisturiser with Skin Matrix CoQ10 Oil

Skin Matric Ultra Dry

Osmosis Quench Plus

For Ultra Dry Skin Types:

These skin types CRAVE moisture. They apply a cream and 30 seconds later it has vanished somewhere with in the skin with no signs that a moisturiser was even applied. This is where we pull out the heavy arsenal of the ultra rich moisturiser to combat the driest of driest skins. These skins will lap up these moisturisers:

Skin Matrix HydraCell with Osmosis Immerse

Osmosis Quench Plus with Osmosis Immerse

Skin Matrix Ultra Dry with Skin Matrix Coq10 Oil.


Remember to keep the skin exfoliated well so that your moisturisers can penetrate deep within the skin and do a more efficient job.

Not sure which products are right for you? 

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