Acne is one of my favourite skin conditions to treat as I love creating healthy skins that my clients can feel confident about even when makeup free. There are so many makeup brands, products, colours and new makeup trends that entice us to try new and exciting make up products. It can be hard to resist to try them all!
As much as make up is fashionable and sometimes a necessity to conceal unwanted blemishes, make up can be the primary cause of those unwanted blemishes. If you are using a liquid foundation, BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturiser, pressed or loose powder – (and the list continues) on a daily basis and you are experiencing breakouts you may want to have a look at your ingredient listing on your make up product. I love a good marketing campaign but I am only interested in what ingredients make up a product. It is similar with food, a product that reads on the front low in fat, yet on the back has 60g of sugar per 100g you know you are about to eat a meal containing mostly sugar. Get to know your products and understand what is the healthiest option for you. 
Pore clogging ingredients such as mineral oil, lanolin and talc are notorious for causing anything from small bumps all over the face to a surge of blackheads to large red papules under the skins surface. Both styles of acne can leave one frustrated and annoyed with the daily onslaught of new breakouts.  This is a vicious cycle as one then uses more make up to conceal the blemishes. 
Oil free make up can also cause breakouts so don’t be tricked into believing that using an oil free make up product will assist with preventing breakouts. It is the “other” ingredients in a product that we need to look at.
Are they pore clogging? 
An option for those that do not want to inspect every ingredient on your bottle, is to go with a reputable mineral make up brand such as osmosis mineral make up, Jane Iredale mineral make up, Youngblood or Bare Minerals. These are mineral make up brands that have invested time and money into the science behind their products, ensuring that these products won’t cause breakouts, will allow the skin to breath and will look natural giving a flawless finish. 
Just to throw a spanner in the works, if you choose to go for a mineral make up brand apart from the ones mentioned above you will still need to take a quick glance at the ingredient listing, as there is no law currently to state what % of minerals one needs to have in their product to be allowed to call their product a mineral make up product. A brand could only have 1% minerals in their range, yet be packed full of talc. Clever marketing for them, but could be detrimental to you achieving a flawless complexion. 
When I see acne clients for the first time, the most common reason one breaks out is they are using the wrong make up product for their skin. Their makeup product is suffocating their skin, inhibiting it from breathing causing small bumps under the skin. The other reason is their skin is dehydrated due to using no moisturiser or an oil free moisturiser. 
Not sure what mineral make up product or brands is right for you?
Find a Youngblood, Jane Iredale or Osmosis mineral make up clinic and book in a colour coding session. Skin Matrix offers these free of charge and so do many other clinics who are serious about creating healthy complexions for their clients.

Not sure which products are right for you?  

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