Micellar water hit the beauty scene under a year ago now, but has in fact been around for 100 years! It was commonly used by Parisians who didn’t have the pleasure of cleansing with soft water. Hard water made cleansing difficult as it has a high mineral content. A solution was needed for the Parisians to ensure their skins were cleansed clean and fresh and so Micellar Water was developed.

Micellar Water is free of alcohol, irritants and skin stripping ingredients. Micellar Water is proving a hit for makeup artists, dermatologists, skin care professionals and beauty goers a like. Micellar Water is a quick and easy cleansing solution that can be done anywhere on the go, no running water required.

How Does it Work?
Micellar Water contains little micelles that are cleansing oil molecules suspended in soft water. The Micelles attract and mop up oil, debris, dirt and make up effortlessly. The process is similar to using a toner, yet the skin will be cleansed, soft and hydrated after.

What Skin Types Suit Micellar Water?
Micellar Warter is suited for all skin types. It is fantastic for sensitive skins that are prone to redness, irritation, and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. They can used by any skin and are a handy little travel companion! The best thing is Micellar Water will not strip the acid mantle of the skin (the skins natural barrier) nor cause any redness throughout the cleansing process. My tip would be to try Micellar Water, if you feel you enjoy more of a exfoliating cleanse, (especially if you suffer from breakouts and your skin is quite oily) you may do a pre cleanse with Micellar Water, then follow with an AHA Cleansing Gel that will target impurities further.

How Do I Use Micellar Water?
Use it just like a toner. Wet 2 cotton pads and gently wipe over the skin until all make up is gone and the skin feels clean and fresh It removes eye makeup easily. You do not need to rinse Micellar Water off the skin unlike cleansing make up wipes.

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