So you have been out and about in an extremely windy day not realising the damage those swirls of wind are doing to your skin. Or you have been lucky enough to of hit the ski slopes but are left feeling like your face is about to crack. Skin is lifting and flaking from severe dehydration and in extreme cases can even bleed.

If this sounds like your skin, you may have a serious case of windburn. Windburn depletes the skin of its natural oils, the same natural oils that are designed to lock in moisture and prevent water loss. Sometimes the elements of nature can win in the windburn fight. You see, a good moisturiser will lock in moisture, keeping the skin soft and supple. An effective moisturiser will of course add hydration to the skin, making these 2 elements the key in superior hydrating creams.

So here is my list of the 5 most important tips one can do to treat a skin that has suffered windburn.

1) Make sure you are moisturising at least twice a day (more if you can!). Make sure you are using an effective moisturiser. When your skin is not suffering from windburn, does your skin feel tight an hour after moisturising? If your answer is yes, then this is a clear indicator that your current moisturiser is not cutting the mustard. Time to upgrade! If you love your current moistuirser there is the option to add in a hydrating booster like the Osmosis Immerse Serum. This is an anti-inflammitory and deeply hydrating clear serum that supplies essential nutrients to the skin. 


2) Before bed: grab a little dolop of Coconut Oil and smear on the skin that is flaking, cracked or even red/bleeding. Coconut Oil is a fantastic anti-iflammitory as well as having an amazing ability to replenish the skin of those lost super hydrating oils you lost in the event of the windburn. Apply on top of your moisturiser for an added boost or on its own.

3) If you already aren't taking EFA's - Essential Fatty Acids, now is the time to start. Replenish the body internally of the essential oils the body needs to repair, rejuvenate, heal and function. EFA's have so many benefits, skin hydration and barrier protection is one of them.

4) Don't exfoliate! All the skin needs right now is to repair and heal. As tempting as it may be to scrub that big flake off your face, pat it down with some mosituriser or coconut oil (yes the stuff you cook with!). Once the skin feels stronger and more resiliant this is an indication that the skin is ready for an exfoliation

5) Hold off on your active products such as Vitamin A, AHA's - alpha hydroxy acids, and lightening products. When the skin is really dry/dehydrated, products will penetrate into the skin much quicker than they normally would which can lead to further irritation.


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