This is one of the most common requests I have from clients. “How can I get my skin to glow and look fresh so I do not need to wear makeup if I don’t want to.”

This is my favourite part of my job, seeing my clients turn up to their appointments make up free and not a care in the world about being make up free. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup, but I like to use it as an enhancer of a healthy complexion, rather than having to use it to cover.

So how do we achieve a makeup free glowing complexion?

The top 2 most important factors in my opinion are: how well is the skin hydrated and is the skin exfoliated sufficiently.

Exfoliation – shed the dead and reveal your fresh cells to the world

Everyone has a slightly different turnover of skin cells and this needs to be taken into consideration when deciding how often one should exfoliate. The easiest way to find this out, is to start exfoliating once a week. Do this for a few weeks and then increase to 2 times a week. See what the skin does; does it feel softer and smoother or tighter and irritated? Tighter and irritated indicates that you are a once a week exfoliator.

Most skins enjoy a physical exfoliation, but there are some skins that prefer an enzyme exfoliator. Those with a sensitive or pustular acneic skin may prefer an enzyme exfoliator. This is usually a mask that you place on the skin after cleansing and leave for 1-10 minutes. The enzymes digest the dead surface skin cells revealing the fresh cells underneath. A physical exfoliation manually removes the dead skin cells and can sometimes be formulates with an AHA or alpha hydroxy acid which dissolves the glue that holds dead skin together. In my opinion these are the best types of physical exfoliators as it leaves the skin extra smooth and the AHA’s can do their magic within the pores as well.

Secret Weapon -

For skin ageing, exfoliation and product absorption you simply cannot go past the numerous qualities that lactic acid has on the skin. I love this particular AHA as it is not as drying and aggressive on the skin as its fellow counterpart glycolic acid. Lactic Acid is a smaller molecule so it penetrates into the skin at a much slower rate. It also hydrates the skin whilst working its way into the pore to decongest the pore. Great for all skin types excluding really sensitive/rosacea skin types.

Lactic acid will also enhance your product absorption. You can have the most wonderful product in the world yet it cannot the deeper layers of the skin where it is needed to do its job. After using lactic acid, massage your serums into the skin.

Our Refine + Smooth Liquid is a 5% Lactic Liquid which also contains Mandelic Acid from almonds which is a great brightening AHA. Use our Refine + Smooth every alternate night as you would a toner.


Don’t forget this step .. please!

I would scream this from a mountain top if I could as it is SO important. An undernourished skin is a vulnerable skin. It is a skin that is open to the elements, becomes easily sensitized, reactive, irritated and flaky. Whether you have an oily skin or an acne dehydrated skin or a dry skin – your skin thrives on daily moisturising. I’m talking AM/PM stuff here, not just once a day. Especially if you are using AHA’s, BHA’s retinol and other active skin care you need to support the skins barrier and prevent water loss. A skin that is hydrated will glow more than a dehydrated skin – so this is important stuff! Choose a water based moisturiser for those with acne and a more nourishing oil based moisturiser for those with a normal to dry skin type. Make up will apply easier, your skin will feel supple and strong.



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