When I started the Business 13 years ago I developed a Facial Yoga Program for my clients to holistically firm and exercise facial muscles. I still share these wonderful secrets with my clients when I see them for their regular Facial sessions whilst incorporating facial acupressure points, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation to instantly create a radiant, flowing and hydrated skin.

After a Facial Cleanse and Exfoliation whether it be a facial peel, microdermabrasion or our Oxygen Exfoliation Technique, the skin is then drenched in beautiful oils and nourished with our Skin Matrix Ultra Dry Moisturiser to begin the Facial Yoga component of the treatment.

Below: Our Skin Matrix Ultra Dry and CoQ10 Rosehip Facial Oil. This decadant blend is my favourite for my Facial Yoga Massage. 


To receive Facial Yoga is highly invigorating to the skin, yet calming and relaxing to the body. With massage comes an increase in blood flow, which allows for optimal absorption of the nutrients and vitamins. You will be surprised how tight and how much tension we hold in our facial muscles. Facial Yoga strengthens elastic fibers of the face, and improves skin elasticity and smoothness.

Reduce puffiness and increase that “glow” with Facial Yoga whether you have this treatment on its own or as part of our Skin Matrix 1 hour Bespoke Facial.

Book a Facial Yoga Session at our Newcastle Clinic.


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