Are your skin care products doing more damage than good?

It is possible!

How long has that mask been sitting on your shelf at the back of your bathroom cupboard..... really …..??

As a general rule of thumb you want to ditch any product you have had for 2 years. I know it may be hard to part, but trust me, this oxidized mask ain't what it used to be!

Lets check out some facts about these expired products:

1. Old products do not have a preservative system anymore, once this has been depleted the product is easily contaminated putting your skin at risk of irritation, infection and rashes.

2. Some ingredients become more harmful to the skin that not using them at all! Vitamin C, for example is one of the most volatile ingredients, it oxidizes quickly when in contact with oxygen and sunlight. Hence, the need for these actives to be packaged in packaging that prevents these elements from making contact as much as possible. Studies have shown that oxidized Vitamin C causes inflammation and irritation to the skin once the product has expired. You can usually tell with Vitamin C when it has gone off as the colour and smell will distinctly change.

3. As a general rule, all facial products should be ditched after 2 years and any product that comes into contact with the eye area such as mascara and eye liner should be ditched after 1 year. The eye is not as resilient and protective as the skin.

4. Get the most shelf life out of your products by storing them in the darkest and coolest (and most convenient) space in your bathroom or bedroom. Light and heat will break down the amazing qualities of your product much quicker. If you have ever wondered why brands package their product so you cannot see how much is left, it is simply to preserve your potions and lotions for as long as possible.

Have you ever had a skin reaction to using old product? Share your story with us!

Happy Skin Days,

Sarah Wilkinson


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