Did you know that the right kind of fats won't make you fat!?? Did you know that every cell membrane in our body contains essential fatty acids? I wonder what happens to our cell membranes when we starve our bodies of these essential fatty acids? Did you know that essential fatty acid can also make you leaner?? Now there's a thought ..... What is the wrong kind of fat? Well, simply.... junk food fat .... or trans fatty acids are the culprits for weight gain and unhealthy effects on

the body. Highly processed golden polyunsaturated oils like sunflower, corn, and safflower are your typical trans fatty acids. These fatty acids in combination with sugar = heart disease. They also play havoc with our cell walls and hormones. Essential Fatty Acids cannot be synthesized by the body, hence the need for us to regularly supply our body with these wonderful EFA's. So what are the best essential fatty acids that we should be having in order for our skin and body to beam with health and vigor?

essential fatty acids

Omega 3 (wild fish, game, flax seeds, flax oil, walnuts) and Omega 6 (avocadoes, nuts, and seeds) are required regularly for a healthy cell membrane. Just think, if your cell membrane is not functioning as it should, oxygen, nutrients, and waste will not be able to pass through the cell wall as intended for healthy function.

Your cell walls also keep moisture inside your cell keeping your skin plump and hydrated. A deficiency in essential fatty acids can make the skin look dull, lifeless, dry, dehydrated and stressed. If the acid mantle (which is your skin's barrier to the external environment) is compromised, then your skin can become flaky, dry, itchy and irritable because your skin cannot protect itself from the outside forces or wind, pollution, harsh chemically laden skincare products and makeup. Now you can start to see how important the omegas play in your diet. They also increase the body's metabolic rate - great for fat burning. They are also great for arthritis sufferers, healthy brain function, and dealing with stress. tip: always look for extra virgin oil or cold-pressed oil. Nutritionists recommend no more than 2 tablespoons a day. There is a fantastic product that I prescribe my clients who have an EFA deficiency.

My clients add this serum to any cream or serum they are currently using and it will give you very quick results. My skin feels hydrated, plump, soft, very resistant to outside influences like heating/wind etc and even better, I don't break out as much! I mix my EFA serum with my daily sunscreen. Hydrate and Protect, my skin loves me for it and my makeup goes on smoothly and with ease.

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