I get asked this question a lot in my Skin Care Consultations.

Does Microdermabrasion Thin Your Skin?

A question that I think needs some clarification, especially for those considering having a microdermabrasion session. I have been performing Microdermabrasion Treatments for approx 10 years of my 14 years in the Beauty Industry. Firstly I would like to clarify that there is a difference between microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion. "Dermabrasion" is a surgical procedure that is to be performed only by a Doctor and requires anesthetic. "Microdermabrasion" is a cosmetic treatment that removes the uppermost layers of the epidermis and is to be performed by a trained Skin Care Professional. For the purposes of this blog, all references are for Microdermabrasion.


Microdermabrasion gently removes part of the stratum corneum which makes up part of our epidermis. The Stratum Corneum is the layer of skin that we can feel when we touch our skin. The cells of the Stratum Corneum are dead and much flatter than the other cells that lay deeper within the skin. Our skin naturally sheds every day. We do not see it shed as the cells are microscopic. Part of the evolution of the skin is that the cells at the bottom of the epidermis will over 14 days migrate to the top of the epidermis and naturally shed off. For total skin renewal, from the deepest layer of the skin to the stratum corneum is approx 28 days.

As we get older, this process slows down and a thickening of the epidermis is noted. When the epidermis is thick you can almost feel it to the touch. The skin will feel rough, it can look dull and grey, and sallow in appearance. Once we remove this build-up of dead skin, the skin will take on a lively appearance as we can see the beautiful fresh healthy cells that lay underneath. So, does Microdermabrasion thin Your Skin? Well, technically yes it does thin the Stratum Corneum layer, but not the layers that lay underneath the stratum corneum. Only cells that need to be removed are removed. A healthy skin, is a skin that has prompt cell turonover. If someone presents a skin that has a thickened Stratum Corneum, then the best thing in the world for them is a microdermabrasion session. You will notice a difference straight away and it does become very addictive! Microdermabrasion is a device that we take over the skin that emits crystals that gently abrade the stratum corneum. For the client, the sensation is like sandblasting over the skin. Your Skin Care Professional will adjust the microdermabrasion strength depending on how many layers need to be removed for optimal results.

This is where it is important for you to seek a Skin Care Professional who has experience with Microdermabrasion so you get the best results per session. Some skins will require more call removal than others, so a confident Skin Care Professional is a must. How Many Do you Need? Upon consultation, if a client has a lot of dead skin to be removed, I suggest weekly sessions for 6 weeks. Thereafter, once a month to maintain. Otherwise anywhere from 2, 3 or 4 weeks apart are also common frequencies as well. What Are Some Side Benefits of Microdermabrasion?

  • -your products will penetrate more effectively.
  • -fantastic for acne, breakouts and problematic skin
  • -great pre special occasion as your make up will sit flawlessly on the skin
  • -great for men who want a non-fluffy treatment with visible results
  • -helps with shaving rash for men
  • -stimulate your cell circulation and oxygen respiration resulting in healthy functioning skin
  • -assists in the removal of blackheads
  • -great lunchtime treatment only taking 45 minutes with mask, without 25 minutes.
  • -no adverse effects on the skin

What Will My Skin Look Like After Microdermabrasion? Depending on the depth of the microdermabrasion, you may have little to no redness to a considerable amount of redness. The deeper the treatment, the more flushed you will appear. In saying that, I have treated many skins on a deep setting and they have next to no flushing when they leave. It all depends on the individual skin. 2-3 days later my clients can expect to get a little dryness through to a light peeling. This is generally for there first 1-3 sessions and also if they have not had a microdermabrasion in some months.

Some Post Care Tips:

  • -refrain from using AHA's on the skin for approx 3 days
  • -if you are using Vitamin A - ask your Skin Care Professional if you can use the next day
  • -avoid swimming for 3 days
  • -use and SPF daily and do not sunbake or let the face be exposed in the skin for too long. If you have melasma - do not expose to the sun at all for a minimum 7 days and wear sunscreen daily
  • -exfoliate the skin 3 days post-treatment, even if the skin does not feel rough. Microscopically your skin will love you for it!
  • -if you experience shedding of the skin at the 2-3 day mark post-treatment. Exfoliate the skin gently every day until the skin is smooth and silky. You need to listen to your skin and give it what it wants.
  • -use a 100% mineral make up such as Jane Iredale as it will not sink into your pores, nor aggravate the skin.
  • -if the skin is pink post, do not exercise for 24 hours, as you will prolong being pink.
  • -for the week post microdermabrasion, you have a prime opportunity to get vital ingredients into the skin. So stick to your prescribed skincare routine as designed by your Professional and watch the skin blossom.

I would like to finish this blog by saying that I LOVE microdermabrasion and highly recommend it to anyone thinking of having it done for the first time. You just cannot compare the results with any other treatment, including home scrubs! It really is in a league of its own and something I believe all skins should get from time to time. If you have had microdermabrasion done and still aren't sure, perhaps seek a new Skin Care Professional who specialises in microdermabrasion.

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