We are seeing facial oils become a staple of skin care regimes as we are discovering the benefits of keeping our skins supple and hydrated. Facial oils these days have matured from the yesteryear of mineral oils and synthetic oil which caused breakouts and skin irritations.

Facial Oils can be packed full of antioxidants which protect the skin against free radicals. Free radicals are ions that destroy our collagen and elastin fibres which lead to premature ageing. Facial Oils will keep moisture locked in the skin by preventing water loss. The skins appearance will be smoother, softer with less visible fine lines.

What I love about introducing a facial oil for an acneic skin is it instantly relieves dry tight and irritated acne skins. Approximately 90% of my acne clients will have a normal to oily yet dehydrated skin type and condition. The over use of harsh stripping products can lead to a thinned, flaky, irritated and reddened complexion. These complexions indicate a skin that is stressed and struggling to cope with inflammation on a cellular level.

Over scrubbing the skin and the use of benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics and prescription preparations do not lead to a strong healthy skin. They should be used for a very short time with the focus of moving to a healthy long term skin care solution.

Did you know that a skin that is dehydrated can cause acne. A dry pore will hang onto dead skin cells, make up residue, and oil to form little plugs that feel like small bumps on the skin. Left alone these can manifest into pustules, papules and the like. 

If your skin is feeling tight, stressed or flaky on your current moisturiser I recommend you try a Facial Oil such as our Skin Matrix CoQ10 Rosehip Facial Oil. Add 1 pump to your current moisturiser of an evening and see how your skin laps up the additional hydration that you are supplying it with. Not to mention the calming, healing and anti-bacterial properties that are present in beautiful facial oils.

Do not get facial oils confused with essential oils. I see time and time again, clients who have used tea tree oil undiluted on their skin which has caused minor burns and irritations. Essential oils are too strong to apply neat. Essential oils are absorbed into our blood stream and have therapeutic effects. Please do your research before using essential oils. Some will also make you photosensitive, for eg, applying photosensitive essential oils to your neck can cause pigmentation and poikiloderma (a reddened appearance) with sun exposure.

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