Toners I believe have been reinvented from the traditional drying alcohol toner to what we have available now; toners or mists/spritz's as I prefer to call them containing ingredients that can assist with specific skin conditions. We now know so much more about the function of the skin and what it requires to be healthy and harmonious. Serums are now equally important, delivering high dose ingredients for cell renewal and rejuvenation. "Toners" are less frequently used, but I believe there is still a place for a mist or spray to be used prior to your serum and moisturiser application. The benefits of a mist/spray are:

  • A wet moist skin will penetrate ingredients deeper than a dry skin.
  • If you spritz onto a cotton pad or gauze, then wipe over the skin, you will remove excess make up and oil.
  • The pad or gauze will also provide a gentle exfoliation, keeping the skin smooth and soft

This is why I encourage mist/sprays such as the Skin Matrix Facial Spritz to be used after cleansing or Alpha-H Daily Facial Mist.

I believe that harsh astringent toners containing alcohol are bad news. All skin types, including the oily congested skin will not appreciate alcohol being applied to the skin. It is just too drying. For my acne clients (who often have a dehydrated skin believe it or not), there is a use for AHA/BHA toners that contain either glycolic or lactic acid, or your salicylic acids.

These will help to soften the plugs of oil, ceramides, cholesterol and bacteria that can go on to form pimples. There are mists for dry skin types, skins with pigmentation, and sensitive skins. The skin matrix facial spritz is suited to all skin types. See all of our selection of Spritz's here

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