There are so many BB Creams on the market, I do have my favourite though, the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream. Foundations and BB Creams do have 1 thing in common: they hide imperfections and create a flawless finish.

#1 BB Cream and Foundation Difference

A BB Cream is an all in 1 product. It contains a primer, foundation, spf and hydration all in the 1 product. This is what I love about BB Cream it gives me decent protection from UV whilst smoothing any imperfections. The primer gives the skin an airbrushed look, whilst the skin reaps the rewards from the inbuilt moisturising ingredients leaving the skin dewy and soft. Primer is especially great for anyone wanting to minimize the appearance of open pores.

#2 Limited Colour Range wth BB Creams

BB Creams tends to have far fewer colour matching options, so sometimes you may need to mix 2 together to get your perfect colour. I have to say since jane iredale added in their extra BB shades I now get spot on colour matches.

#3 BB Creams have a heavier coverage

Speaking now of jane iredale, the BB Glow Time is the heaviest coverage that I can offer my clients. You need a pea sized amount to cover the entire face! I find for clients with rosacea and acne, a BB Cream really covers well for them and they tend to use concealer less.

#4 BB Cream Application is different to a foundation

Yes finger application is best! It warms the product up nicely before applying for a smoother and more airbrushed finish. A foundation is typically applied with a brush (but can also be applied with fingers). If you use a brush for BB Cream it will apply heavy and thick.

#5 BB Creams have a high SPF protection

I love this benefit, more SPF the better! A higher spf means less collagen destruction for your skin and more protection from those nasty UV rays. Typically BB Creams offer higher SPF ratings than a foundation.

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