I thought I would share a recent question from one of our Skin Matrix Customers as this is a common one!

The way I like to treat blackheads and congestion is to have the right amount of AHA's (fruit acids) and hydration. If either of these are lacking then blackheads and breakouts area very hard to control. A dehydrated skin will prevent your own natural oil flow from being able to flow freely, thus causing congestion within the pore. 

Finding the right balance between too little or too much acids (as in glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid) can take a bit of trial and error, hence starting off slowly with acids is the way to go. 

I recommend starting off with a non acid cleanser and use acids in a serum as this stays on the skin.
If you use too many acids then your skin will feel stripped and tender, tight and flaky.

I would recommend either the Skin Matrix Balance Cleanser - will not strip, cleanses efficiently - most of my acne clients are on this.
Or the Osmosis Purify is also a good option - it is a non acid cleanser as well.

Here is a common regime my clients start on for controlling clogged pores. Once they are on this regime for a month, we assess and then we may change the cleanser to an acid one, but only if the skin needs it.

Skin Matrix Balance Cleanser 
Skin Matrix Hydracell Moisturiser (will not cause breakouts) 

Skin Matrix Balance Cleanser
Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Gel of the Skin Matrix BTB Serum
Skin Matrix Hydracell Moisturiser

1 x week skin matrix aha exfoliating scrub

Here is a good kit combo to get started





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