Cosmedix Skin Care is one of my favourite Cosmeceuticals primarily as it was the first Cosmeceutical I worked with whereby I saw the positive effects on the skin. Whether you have used Cosmeceuticals before or not I strongly encourage you to start on the Cosmedix Skin Care lower strength Vitamin A products. Cosmedix has a proprietary blend of Retinol in what that call their AGP Complex. I notice when clients go in for the strongest vitamin A Cosmedix products first they can be left irritated and flaky.

The Cosmedix Vitamin A Products consist of: Define, Refine and Refine Plus

When starting out with the Cosmedix Retinols start with Define which is a 2% Retinol AGP complex mixed with Fruit Acids. This mix is designed to resurface the skins surface by loosening the intercellular glue that holds dead skin together whilst increasing cellular turnover with the AGP complex. As the skins cellular turnover increases, fresh young healthy cells come to the surface of the skin and the acids gently whisk them away revealing a renewed and refreshed complexion.
Keep in mind when we use Retinols or other Vitamin A ingredients we must realise that our skin will burn much quicker in the sun than otherwise.  Daily application of SPF is a must. If our end goal is to rejuvenate the skin for a more youthful appearance then limited sun on the face is desirable in any case, Vitamin A or no Vitamin A.

Once the skin has adjusted to the Cosmedix Define, you can increase your Vitamin A strength to the Cosmedix Refine and Cosmedix Defy. The Cosmedix Refine is the Retinol AGP Complex and the Cosmedix Defy is the fruits acids. You would use the Cosmedix Refine on night 1 and on night 2 use the Cosmedix Defy. The Cosmedix Refine is twice as strong in Retinol AGP complex as the Define.

Some clients may experience some pink or flaking from 1-4 weeks of using either the Define or the Refine/Defy combo. If this occurs reduce you application. Eg, use Define every second night for 2 weeks then return to nightly. If you are using Refine and Defy, on night 3 use just your moisturiser, then repeat the steps again from Refine, then Defy, then moisturise. 

Another tip is to use a moisturiser on top of your Refine or Defy of a night, this will increase the moisture content in the skin so the skin is supported during the initial phase getting accustomed to the Retinol.

Weekly use of an exfoliating product such as the Cosmedix Pure Enzymes is encouraged to assist in lifting off excess dead skin cells.

Vitamin A is one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients available and if you have never tried Vitamin A before I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

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