We all want to have fabulous skin all year round but we especially want it to be extra super fabulous on one of THE most important days of our lives. Many of my clients plan ahead a year or more from their big day which is great, we get to fine tune their skin care regime and work steadily towards amazing skin. But there are some that will start on their wedding skin mission with 3 months or less. Don’t fret, these tips will help safe guard you against any last minute skin freak outs.                                                                   

Work with your Aesthetician to get onto the right skin care regime as soon as possible:

Take the guess work out of what products are right for you. Consult with a trained Aesthetican to talk about your wedding skin goals and get started on a regime asap. If skin treatments are not in your budget, then chat about exfoliators and masks that you can do at home to prep the skin for your wedding day. 


Keep your life and skin care regime simple, easy and predictable 2-4 weeks before your wedding day

Weddings can be a super stressful time, so this is not the time to add to the stress by possibly having a product reaction 2-4 weeks from your wedding day. This includes fake tans. If you are planning on getting all bronzed up for your wedding day, go for a trial tan or 2 before your pre-wedding tan. With skin care, keep it simple and predictable, don't try that mask out that has been sitting in your cupboard for the last 8 months, 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding is not the time to try out new products. This goes for make up as well. Make up that is non mineral can cause breakouts and I see this ALL the time. Stick to what works and change post wedding instead. If you feel your make up is potentially causing breakouts, chat with your Aesthetician who should stock a good mineral make up which will not clog your pores. 


Reduce caffeine and alcohol and let the skin glow!

Try to lower or even cut out alcohol 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding day. Caffeine dehydrates the skin and can cause puffiness (especially around the eyes). Reducing alcohol intake or eliminating with give the skin a whole new glow and keep the skin soft and supple for a flawless make up application

Don’t let those stress hormones cause any sneaky pre-wedding breakouts.  

Stress hormones releases increases oil flow within the pore. Book in for your favourite stress release therapy like massage, reiki or a yoga session and keep those stress hormones in check.  

Invest in a cool eye pack and start using 1 month up to your wedding day. Use 2 times a week or when skin is puffy or stressed. Use the night prior to your wedding day to reduce any unsuspected puffiness on your big day. 

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The night before

This is the night for your facial exfoliation, mask and eye pack and LOTS of sleep!

Are you getting married? Chat with our Aesthetician about creating the ideal wedding skin plan today.

Have any skin tips you would like to share?

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