Sponges, brushes, fingers which is the best way to apply your foundation?? 

First here are my top 3 tips for creating the perfect make up base:

Make Up Tip #1

Regularly exfoliate your skin. At least once a week; up to 3 times for oily/congested skins.  Your Make Up will get that flawless smooth finish after a good exfoliation. Excess dead skin can cause your make up to stick in certain areas and can make your make up application look uneven and blotchy.

Make Up Tip #2

Prime the skin, use a moisturizer that hydrates your skin effectively, don't be shy when it comes to hydrating the skin. More is better (considering you are using the right stuff!), your moisturiser will create that perfect base for your make up to glide on, leaving no trace of where you began and ended. If you have a dry skin type you may like to use an oil like our super charged vitamin C and CoQ10 rosehip oil  or the jane iredale smooth affair to prime the skin post moisturiser. If you have an oily skin you may enjoy the jane iredale smooth affair for oily skin. A primer creates a soft supply base for your make up to apply with a more airbrushed finish … hiding those pores!

Make Up Tip #3

Apply your make up straight after you moisturiser. The quicker you apply your foundation the more luminous and flawless your application will be.

So what is the verdict, brush, fingers or sponge, lets take a look:


1. A Make Up Sponge:

You will use more product than the other 2 methods; as sponges soak up loads of foundation. Sponges are also bacteria loving … they thrive in there little sponge nest. Highly recommended you purchase a few and rotate and wash in between. If you love a heavy coverage this is the method for you. 

2. A Brush:

You will need to wash your brush regularly as well, you may need to spend some time working your product into the skin, blending, blending until you get the smoothness you are after. Careful of streaks and I highly recommend as will all liquid to feather the make up down onto your neck. This will eliminate any lines along the jawline. You will use less liquid than the sponge and the coverage a little lighter than a sponge but still medium to heavy depending on how much you apply.

3. Fingers:

You will use the least amount of makeup as the warmth of your fingers glides on your makeup effortlessly. Make sure you wash your hands well before applying makeup, preferably straight after moisturising. I love this method as its quick, easy and I can dab a little foundation on any problem areas at the end and allow to sit for 30 seconds then re-blend in. Works really well under eyes and for any breakouts.  


After your liquid foundation finish off with a translucent powder or a pressed powder to complete your application and absorb excess oil in the day.


What's your favourite way to apply your foundation? Share your make up tips and tricks...


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