Depending on what breakouts you have and the skins condition will determine which cleanser is best for you. You may want to also consider once the breakouts stop you may look at changing your cleanser as well.

OPTION 1: For Oily Acenic skins that have shine throughout the day and whereby the skin never feels tight:

The cleanser best for you is one that contains AHA's (such as glycolic and lactic acids). For skins suffering severe breakouts a cleanser with Salicylic Acid will benefit, as Salicylic Acid will assist in breaking down oil plugs within the pore whilst the AHA's will loose dead cells on the surface of the skin and within the pore. You can get different strengths of AHA's so choosing one that is the right fit for you is key, as over doing it on the AHAs can leave your skin feeling stripped and raw/pink and even flaky.  

EG: Societe Exfoliating AHA Cleanser, and Cosmedix Purity Clean.


OPTION 2: For Skin that feels tight on occasions and has breakouts:

I would recommend using a gentle AHA cleanser. This will gently keep the pores clean and clear whilst not over stripping the skins surface. If you do get irritation from such a cleanser you are probably needing option 3 rather than this option. A skin that is over stripped can actually cause MORE breakouts! Not what one wants.  

EG: Aspect Purastat 5, Osmosis Deep Clean, ASAP Daily Facial Cleanser.

OPTION 3: For skins that feel tight most of the time and have breakouts:

I recommend correcting the dehydration in the skin with a more gentle cleanser and then using the AHA's needed for correcting breakouts in your serum. Using active AHA/BHA cleansers on a tight skin (dehydrated skin) will oly irritate. Your skin will benefit from using one of the below cleansers and then applying an AHA serum such as our popular BTB – banish the blemish serum.

EG: Cosmedix Benefit Clean, Skin Matrix Balance Cleanser, Aspect Gentle Clean, Societe Pure Every Day Cleanser.


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