It's a total catastrophe when you have an acne blemish that comes up right before your special event. Don't let the acne blemish ruin your big event, use these simple tips to take control of the situation and feel fabulous at your special event. Firstly there is no way to magically make the acne blemish disappear, but we can reduce the inflammation as much as possible and become a master at concealing.

First step to take control of the pre party acne blemish:

Do not pop!! As much as you really want to, this is biggest trap one can fall into. So let me be specific about this rule though: if you are 3 days out from the big event, and there is a white head and it is actually begging to come out. Then YES you can pop (after a warm shower and with tissues wrapped around your fingers - no nail marks please. Only squeeze twice then stop - if it doesn't come out after 2 squeezes it is not ready). If your special event is within under 3 days, no squeezing. It is much easier to conceal an acne blemish that is intact rather than open and squeezed.

Second step to take control of the pre party acne blemish:

Be the master of cover up! After you cleanse and apply your acne treatment serum (yes if you are prone to breakouts you should be using a blemish serum every day to prevent these last minute freak outs such as our BTB Serum) then moisturise, apply your liquid foundation such as the Jane Iredale BB Cream (mineral only - won't cause more breakouts).

Now comes the concealing part. Grab your favourite concealer, if you don't have one, grab a mineral one like the youngblood treatment concealer and use either your finger or concealer brush to lightly dab the concealer on the acne blemish. Dab all around the blemish as well so you do not see a concealer line. If your acne blemish is pink/red, you may consider using a green concealer first, but I find the mineral concealers are fabulous in conjunction with the Jane Iredale BB Cream. I actually use the Jane Iredale BB Cream as the concealer, dabbing small amounts of this on selected spots on top of the full face BB application. Grab a pressed powder such as the Jane Iredale Pressed Mineral Powder and apply to the entire face. If you need to apply more concealer you can do so with minerals without it looking cakey or too heavy. They are designed to be layered. Concealer -  powder, concealer -  powder. But usually the first layer of foundation, little concealer and powder has worked for all of my clients over the many years.

Third step to take control of the pre party acne blemish:

If you have the time before your special event, banish the blemish with an in clinic non invasive blue LED light therapy session. This will take down inflammation surrounding the blemish, reduce redness, promote healing and kill the acne bacteria. I highly recommend this even if it is on the morning of your special event.


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