Facial wipes are a convenient way to wash the face. Handy in the gym bag and the quickest way to cleanse after a night out on the town.  

One would say that cleansing with wipes is better than going to bed with your make up on. I beg to differ, especially if you are using mineral make up such as Jane Iredale, whereby they claim it is not the end of the earth if you fall asleep with their make up on. I wouldn't recommend doing this on a regular basis as one needs to cleanse and apply night time repair serums and moisturisersMineral Make Up doesn't clog pores and allows skin to breathe, unlike chemical make up.  

facial wipes

The Pro's are convenience, convenience and convenience.  

The Con's are these convenient facial wipes are typically ladened with chemicals which shouldn't be left on your skin. I recommend that the skin is rinsed at the minimum after using cleansing wipes and ideally cleansed and rinsed to removed chemicals which are highly irritating to our skin.  

Some contain a high percentage of alcohol which can dry the skin out and possibly cause irritation as well. Make Up wipes won't completley remove your make up as well. Coming from an Acne Expert this is a nightmare!  

If you want the best results from your serums and skin care you need to make sure you effectively cleanse both morning and night with a gentle cleanser such as the Skin Matrix Balance or Osmosis Cleanse.

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