Lets look at the top 9 reasons why one can have swelling or inflammation around the eye area, typically known. We tend to notice swelling around the eyes or puffy eyes before other areas of the body as the skin is one of the thinnest in this eye area, so any inflammation can be easily noticed. There are 2 types of eye swelling or puffy eyes.

There is swelling above and below the eyes - called periorbital edema. Periorbital Edema is a swelling in the tissues caused by fluid build up around the eyes.

Then there is minor puffiness under the eyes - although at times this can exist all around the eye. This type of eye puffiness is referred to as eye bags.

One can feel that the eye puffiness is worst first thing in the morning upon waking. Reason unknown but lying horizontal may have an effect with a different distribution of fluids in this position. Your eye lids aren't blinking either when you are sleeping so there is no movement, making it easier for fluid to build up. Once you stand up and start blinking the puffy eyes diminish. 

At night you can use a night serum to help reduce the puffiness such as the Skin Matrix Eye Bright or Osmosis Refresh.

Lets have a look at the top 9 reasons one could have puffy eyes:

  1. Normal Ageing: as we age the skin under our eyes becomes thinner and may droop. Also as we age the suborbicularis oculi fat pad located under the eye area can gradually become enlarged causing a distention of the lower eye lids.
  2. Fluid Rentention: pregnancy and hormonal cycles can increase fluid rentention around the eye area. Keeping the head slightly raised can reduce this.
  3. Lack of Sleep: can greatly affect eye puffiness. Interupted sleep as well.
  4. Crying: those salty tears can cause fluid retention in the eye area.
  5. Diet: Too much sodium in the diet can lead to puffy eyes.
  6. Alcohol and Tobacco use: dries out the skin, strips the skin of essential minerals and nutrients.
  7. Allergies: can cause subcutaneous capillary bed leaks in the skin causing inflammation
  8. Dehydration
  9. Not to be confused with Malar Festoons - Malar Festoons is an accumulation of fluid in the superficial layers of the skin. These are located not under the eye, but on the upper cheek bone. So these are located further down underneath where typical eye bags are located. Malar Festoons can be triggered by lifestyle and diet. Consult with your cosmetic doctor, GP and nutritionist to find the best method of treatment.


How To Reduce Puffy Eyes?

A change on ones diet and lifestyle is recommended under the guidance of a Dr. A low carb diet can revent puffiness and water retention in the eye area. Cold compressed, tea bags, cucumbers, anything that is cool will do the trick. The cool effect on the skin will constrict blood flow and fluid into the area reducing puffiness. This is a temoporary fix.

Remove you make up too before bed, especially chemical make up, can irritate the eyes and cause inflammation or puffiness.

Go easy on the booze, too much will dehydrate your skin. Keep the skin plump and well fed with lots of water.

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