How can you become blemish-free? Let's explore my top 6 tips on how to get rid of acne:

How To Get Rid Of Acne Tip #1 Moisturise

Moisturise!! 95% of new acne clients that come to see me have a dehydrated skin from either the overuse of harsh acne products that strip the skin's surface and/or the undernourishment of their skin. Some do not moisturiser at all, and their skin is dry as a bone, suffering from not being fed and supported. The skin contains oil and water, so we need to make sure we replenish our skin daily to keep it soft and supple. Many of my clients believe that moisturising will make them break out more when in actual fact it is the opposite! Depriving your skin of hydration will lead to flaky, irritated, inflammed and tight skin. Find yourself a light, yet hydrating moisturiser like the Skin Matrix HydraCell or the Osmosis Quench Moisturiser.

osmosis md quench

How To Get Rid Of Acne Tip #2 Exfoliate

Exfoliation is essential in the bid to get rid of acne, we need to regularly remove the smooth dead cells that cover our follicles so that our skin. There are many different types of acne, but they all benefit from a good AHA exfoliator such as the ASAP Daily Exfoliating Scrub (I usually recommend people use this 2 times week to start with, especially if you are already using a AHA serum).


How To Get Rid Of Acne Tip #3 Exfoliate With AHA's

Did you know that someone with acne can naturally exfoliate anywhere from 1-20 layers of skin a day! Can you imagine what is happening inside of your pore after 3 days if you are shedding 20 layers a day! That is 60 layers of compacted dead skin mixing with sebum (oil) inside of your follicle. There is some serious compaction happening there and this can only end one way. Breakouts! AHA's and BHA's will assist this skin in breaking up the glue that holds dead skin together. We need to assist the skin by getting ahead of its shedding cycle so we can ensure we are doing our very best in keeping our pores clean and clear. Ontop of this if you are using a chemical make up or sunscreen it is mixing a lovely blend with your dead skin and oil inside the pore. Chemical free make up and sunscreen is sure way to assist in keeping clear pores.

Use a AHA serum daily such as the Skin Matrix Hello.. Good Bye Blemish Serum          

hello goodbye

How To Get Rid Of Acne Tip #4 Use a Chemical Free Make Up

You may have been using your makeup for years and it has caused no problems; unfortunately, though this style of makeup loves getting inside of your pores and creating a lovely compaction plug with your dead skin and oil. It is also notorious for suffocating your skin not allowing it to breathe. Every wondered what those small bumps are underneath your skin? These are very tiny spots that are usually a mix of closed and open comedones that are a result of the skin not being able to breathe.

Even though it may not be the cause of your breakouts it will be serving your pores no justice. I highly recommend switching over to a mineral-based range such as the reputable Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup or Bare Minerals. These are designed to sit on the surface of the skin and NOT clog your pores.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Tip #5 Use a Chemical Free Sunscreen

Chemical sunscreen clogs pores just like its ally chemical make up. I recommend only to use a chemical sunscreen on the days you are swimming or doing some heavy exercise as chemical sunscreen does not come off in the water. Other wise get yourself some lovely mineral only sun protection that will defend your skin from UVA and UVB like the Osmosis MD Protect. You wouldnt even know this was a sunscreen, it is light, smells divine and is non comedogenic. When you wear your chemical sunscreen, make sure you do a good AHA scrub when you get home to make sure you rid your pores of as much as you can.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Tip #6 Book In To See An Acne Expert

Lets fast track your results by booking in to see an Acne Expert who will put you on the right products, give you sound advice and potentially delve deeper into nutrition and lifestyle if the need arises to banish the blemish once and for all. You would benefit from skin 3-6 fortnightly skin treatments to get your skin into a healthy balance and extract the existing breakouts. Some types of spots such as the ones mentioned in Tip 4 will need to be extracted, otherwise they can linger around for months.


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