Are you getting an oil slick half way through your day? Don’t know how to control your oil flow? This Blog on ways to reduce oil production in the skin will give you some valuable and useful tips you can put into action to limit your afternoon shine and allow your skin to be as healthy as possible.

Oil flow is commonly associated with breakouts and acne, but unfortunately oil is not the only reason why one breaks out. A build up of dead skin cells can cause blockages within the pore and lead to breakouts. Not hydrating the skin sufficiently can also lead to breakouts. Not moisturising the skin at all leaves the skin parched and the barrier of your skin impaired, stressed and irritated.

1) If you have an oily skin and do not moisturise then this is at the top of my list of recommendations for you. Choose a moisturiser that is non-oil based, will not clog the pores but one that will provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to function effectively. Drinking water is one of the least effective ways of hydrating the skin. Moisturising the skin will protect the skin, keep your acid mantle (skins barrier) intact and strong and help keep the pores flowing rather than clogged and stagnant.
It is amazing how many clients I see that are not moisturising and complain about oily and acneic skin. Once they start on a lightweight moisturiser morning and night they notice their oil flow reduces. Why is this? When the skin is starved of moisture, the skin actually produces MORE oil to compensate. The skin needs moisture to function, if not supplied it will supplement with more oil. Choose a moisturiser like Skin Matrix Hydracell. 

2) Harsh stripping cleansers with benzoyl peroxide and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfates) have a drying effect on the skin. They remove all excess oil through the harsh detergent like effect that SLS has on the skin – not to mention inflammatory and highly irritating. SLS is found in car wash detergents and washing up liquid. It is a heavy duty ingredient that does not lead to a balanced skin barrier. These ingredients will cause your skin to produce more oil through their drying effects on the skin. Choose a non SLS cleanser, our favourites are Skin Matrix Deep Pore Cleanser or the Aspect Purastat 5 for anyone with breakouts or wanting to target blackheads. For normal to dry skins we love the Aspect Gentle Clean, Osmosis Cleanse and Skin Matrix Balance Cleanser.

3) Use a BHA skin care product once a day to assist in shedding excess dead skin within your pore and dissolving excess oil build up. BHA’s or salicylic acid will keep pores clean and clear and assist in regulating oil flow in the skin. Try the Societe AHA Exfoliating Cleanser.

4) Steer clear of harsh stripping toners. It will have the same effect on the skin as the nasty SLS ingredient. If you really love to use a toner or something similar after cleansing then we just love the Alpha-H Liquid Gold. This is a 5% glycolic solution that you wipe over the skin after cleansing. 

5) Go dairy free if you can! Dairy contains an insulin growth factor like hormone: IGF-1 which when combined with the naturally occurring steroid hormones in milk (5alpha-pregnanedione which is a precursor to dihydrotestosterone) can be a serious oil boost for your skin. If you want to curb your oil flow then reducing or removing dairy, especially cows milk from your diet can have a positive impact. I have seen this proven in clinic with my clients regularly and firmly believe this to be true. Clients who remove dairy can break out less, with less clogged pores and bumps under the skin. Try it for a month and see the difference!


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