Learn how to Stop Picking Pimples with these 5 easy tips.

I assure you, if you follow these suggestions you will see an improvement in your skin as quickly as 1-4 weeks.

Acne is one of my skin care specialities and passion. These tips are what I tell all my clients embarking on an acne regime with me in clinic.

98% of my clients actually follow these tips to a tee and are motivated by their skins improvement so much so that over the 4 weeks they can't help but break the habit of picking pimples.



1) Do you own a magnifying mirror? Do you use it to explore every inch of your face?

If the answer is YES, then this one is the easiest of all. THROW IT OUT!

magnifying mirror

2) Ensure you keep a distance of minimum 1 meter from your mirror at all times. (OK some of you might  freak out at the thought of 1 meter, so in that case 30cm at the minimum!)

Lets face it, not many people will be standing within your 1 meter space, so if you can't see it within a meter, don't worry about it, if there is something there, leave it for your aesthetician to attend to at your next appointment and conceal instead of picking.


3) Make regular monthly appointments with you Aesthetician you trust.

Don't do it alone! Find an Aesthetician who you feel comfortable with, and who is confident when it comes to treating acne. Once you commence your acne program you will be seeing your Aesthetician ideally every 2 weeks, which will then stretch out to monthly as the skin improves. If you can make those regular appointments you will attain your goal much quicker, and you will have peace of mind when it comes to leaving the pimple alone, knowing you have your appointment with your Aesthetician within the 2 week period. 


4) If you can't see it you don't know its there right?!

When you wake in the morning, follow your skin care regime as directed, then apply a Mineral Make Up to protect, treat, cover and give you a boost of confidence for the day. Don't be tempted to pick here, which you won't be if you are implementing Step no. 2!

9 out of 10 of my acne clients are using non mineral make up and this tends to play a major role in clogging the pores and creating additional spots. Not the outcome we are after! Make Up should enhance our skin naturally, and allow our skin to breathe.

Mineral Make Up is designed to sit on the surface of our skin, not find its way into our pores creating a sludgy mix of oil and make up. Click here for my favourite Mineral Make Up Brands that have worked fabulously for my acne clients over the years.

5) Break the nightly picking ritual

We follow on from Step 4. So you have come home from work, had a shower and wham ..... mirror, warm skin, perfect conditions for a good skin attack. NO! Let's pick up from the moment you get out of the shower. Whilst maintaining the integrity of step 2, apply your skin care products as directed by your Aesthetician. Then reach out for a product such as Cosmedix Clear or something similar. Cosmedix Clear is a clarifying mask that you can apply to the skin to heal blemishes. It has a clay type colour and once applied you cannot see the spot. BINGO, no picking!

You will need to follow the indivdual product guidelines, for eg. the Cosmedix Clear is not ideal for daily use. So this is a topic for your Aesthetician to guide you to the best option available for you. Also, some nights you may not feel the need to cover up, but for those nights you do, you at least have a back up plan.


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