Find out the top 5 ways to save your skin after a good swim. Whether you are swimming indoors in a chlorinated pool or at the beach these tips will cover all bases. Chlorine has an alkalizing effect on the skin as the PH of a chlorine pool sits just above a PH of 7. Our bodies PH is around 5.5 so this alkalizing effect on the skin of the chlorine pool with leave your skin dry, tight and dehydrate even after a few minutes of being in the chlorinated pool.

Save your skin when swimming TIP #1:

When you are swimming indoors in a chlorinated pool this is the time to wear that heavy water proof sunscreen that you don't like wearing too frequently as it feels heavy and greasy on the skin. The extra emollients will actually prevent your skin from dehydrating as quickly and it will prevent the chemicals from penetrating into the skin. Use your mineral sunscreen that is lighter in consistency on a daily basis such as the Osmosis Protect.

Save your skin when swimming TIP #2:

Apply a moisturiser and a facial oil to the skin before jumping in the chlorinated pool. This will nourish the skin and add a lipid barrier to the skins surface locking moisture in and preventing excess drying effects from the chlorine. Add 1 pump of our COQ10 Rosehip Oil to your favourite moisturiser and massage in. Apply sunscreen if it is daytime.  

Save your skin when swimming TIP #3:

After your swim whether you beached it up or at the pool, do a gentle exfoliation followed by a rescue hydrating mask such as the Aspect Hydrating Mask or the Cosmedix Rescue Plus. Leave on for at least 30 mins, then rinse off and apply your moisturiser with some of our COQ10 Rosehip Facial Oil. Try not to exfoliate to much as the skin may be excessively dry and may become irritated from over scrubbing. If you have an enzyme exfoliant such as the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask or the Osmosis Polish, this is a gentle exfoliation that will also add some hydration whilst exfoliating.  

Save your skin when swimming TIP #4:

Don't forget your lips! If you are at the beach, you will more than likely have sunscreen on your body but not your lips. Applying a lip balm with SPF is the way to go, not only will your lips not dry out as quickly, they will be protected from UV rays and potential UV damage to the lip area. Even if you are swimming indoors if you use a lip balm your lips will be protected from the chlorine and not dry out as quickly. Try our Aspect Lip Balm or Osmosis Mango Lip Balm.

Save your skin when swimming TIP #5:

If you get burnt at the beach you will need a treatment balm STAT. Do not exfoliate the skin (ouch!) just splash the face with cool water to remove any salt water and apply a post sun balm nice and thick and leave for minimum 30 minutes. If the balm does not cool the skin down enough you will need to cover the area with a cool face wash to remove any excess heat and inflammation. The Aspect Post Laser Gel is a great product to use post sun.   


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