Autumn is upon us and so too is the dry skin that accompanies these cooler months. As soon as Autumn kicks in I encourage all my clients to follow these 5 steps to achieve hydrated skin. I am already on the bandwagon as of the first day of Autumn and I sort of wish I had of started sooner. Since starting my skin feels a lot softer, it has a more dewy healthy glow to it. It feels plumper and my Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup sits 100% better. I will reassess come Summer, as I may suggest my clients and myself continue these 5 steps all year round. Follow these 5 steps for a luminous, healthy, hydrated skin.

hydrated skin
  1. 1. Use Immerse Serum or CoQ10 Oil morning and night. This is a fabulous omega 3 serum that you either use on its own or with another serum/cream. Magic in a pump! Instantly the following day my skin felt smoother, more hydrated and firm. 
  2. 2. Book in for a CACI Hydratone Mask. This is a hyaluronic mask with soothing properties that is penetrated deep into the dermis of the skin with the CACI microcurrent rollers. Takes around 15 minutes and is so relaxing, you probably will fall asleep. I suggest you do this in combination with step 3 if you want a more effective result. 
  3. 3. Either book yourself in for microdermabrasion with your favourite aesthetician or exfoliate at home. This will remove dead skin cells allowing hydrating masks and hydrating serums like the immerse to penetrate deep within the skin. It also gives the skin a pick me up as flattened, old cells are removed to reveal a fresher and more youthful appearance. Exfoliate with Skin Matrix AHA Scrub or use an enzyme firming mask like the Osmosis Polish.
  4. 4. Take fish oil/omega 3 capsules. This is the most effective way to hydrate the body from the inside out. It also has so many other benefits to our body in the prevention of many degenerative diseases you can't go wrong in adding this to your permanent daily supplement intake.
  5. 5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. More if you drink caffeinated drinks and/or alcohol. Your fish oil is the most powerful hydrator. Followed by water. Water will also help to flush toxins from the body which is essential for glowing skin.

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