As much as we can eat well, sleep lots, and be as healthy as one can possibly be, we all at some stage get ill and the skin suffers for it. When we are sick our skin doesn't receive the nutrients, vitamins and minerals and not to forget water that it normally receives to maintain a healthy skins matrix.

Try these 5 skin tips after being sick to put that glow back in where it belongs!

1) If you can manage this whilst you are sick, applying a hydrating mask every night will do wonders. Sleep in it if you can. If you are too sick, then once you start to feel better, give the skin a good cleanse and perhaps a gentle exfoliation, then apply a hydrating mask such as the Aspect Hydrating Mask which can be left on over night. Lets those nutrients absorb into the skin and feed and replenish those deeper layers. Repeat every second night until that glow returns.


2) As soon as you are on your feet again, book in for a LED session with your favourite Facialist. Your facialist will cleanse, exfoliate, and recharge your cells ATP (cellular energy) with the RED LED non invasive light therapy. You will see a benefit straght away and this will speed up the post sick glow mission. On that night, go home and apply your trusty night active serums and lots of moisturiser.  

3) The week post being sick, when you are on the road to full food recovery, this is the time to keep the diet lean and meat. Stick to small simple foods and lots of water. Hydrate and refuel. Less processed the better.  

4) If you don't have it yet, fake it! My favourite all time glow enhancer is the approprately named Glow Time BB Cream by Jane Iredale. Whether I'm feeling skinmazing or skinsick, this is the rescue product of all time. There is a tip to using this though. Make sure you have recently exfoliated, apply lots moisturiser and some oil such as our cult oil Skin Matrix COQ10 Rosehip Oil. Apply a pea size, YES pea size amount, rub between your fingers and apply all over. If it ain't gliding you need more mosituriser first. Enjoy the benefits of SPF 25 (which is waterproof up to 45 mins if you are feeling well enough for a dip), it also contains a primer as well.  

5) If you aren't using an active serum then now is the time to start. Anyone under the age of 25 can be using a daily antioxidant serum to prevent UV and free radical damage such as Osmosis Replenish or Skin Matrix Skin Perfection Serum. Anyone 25 and over can try the Skin Matrix IQ Serum or the Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 for Vitamin C. Vitamin A is the No. 1  ingredient for collagen so this is a must for anyone over the age of 25, the age this level starts to decline. Skin Matrix Rebuild or Aspect Retinol Brulee are options. Why? The skin is an organ, it likes to be fed, it rewards us when it has been fed and nurtured. We cannot delay the ageing process but we can do so gracefully and slowly. Times of sickness is a time that is even more important to feed the skin as the body is not giving the skin as many nutrients as it normally would when healthy. So help out your skin and give it some love and food.


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