First there was Cosmedix skin care, then along came Osmosis. Dr Ben Johnson originally formulated Cosmedix, then went on to formulate Osmosis Skin Care many years later. Cosmedix is all about Retinol and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) whereas Osmosis Skin Care is all about no AHA’s and using retinaldehyde (Vitamin A) instead of Retinol. Less aggressive yet with on par results. I believe that particular skins thrive on Osmosis over other Cosmeceuticals due to its philosophy to rebuild with minimal inflammation and aggression. Sensitive skins that struggle to use anything on their skin who find that the only products that don’t irritate their skin are the organic brands from the chemist will be relieved that there is a Cosmeceutical Skin Care brand out there that can assist them in rebuilding and strengthening their skin in a holistic fashion. Dr Ben Johnson the creator of Osmosis Skin Care focuses on internal health as well. Healthy inside, heathy outside. A philosophy that truly resonates with us at Skin Matrix.

Here are my top 5 reasons to fall in love with Osmosis.

1.    The Osmosis Skin Care Cosmeceutical range was the first range to steer away from AHA’s when they were still all the rage. Venturing away from strip, strip and strip some more, Dr Ben Johnson focuses on anti-infammitories, non-acid formulations, and rebuilding the dermal layer to achieve a healthy epidermal layer (top layers of skin).

2.    Osmosis Skin Care has the BEST rosacea/sensitive skin/reddened skins serum I have ever come across - Osmosis Rescue. This patented serum combines an oriental medicinal herb into this calming serum blend that neutralizes toxins, repairs the skins barrier, activates repair in the epidermis, minimizes appearance of large pores and sun spots and improves the skins texture.  Apply topically 1-2 times a day before moisturising or other serums.  Improves overall skin immunity.

3.    Osmosis Skin Care were the first to bring to the skin care market Harmonized Waters. Now I was sceptical in the beginning but after a client with stubborn acne started on the Anti-T Harmonized Water I was blown away 4 weeks later at our next appointment; his acne which has plateaued looked amazing! The skin texture had improved, and the breakouts reduced dramatically. Anyone with stubborn acne I highly recommend this product. So what is Harmonized water? Every cell in our body has a vibrational frequency. When we are ill our cells with vibrate at a different frequency. Harmonized water is basically water molecules that have the vibrational frequency that then communicate with your cells once you ingest the water.  It assists imbalanced cells and cancels harmful frequencies. I know this sounds like a mind explosion! Something totally new and non-invasive and worth reading more on and maybe trying one yourself. Read more here.


 4.    Are you sick of tingling peels that leave you red raw with days of peeling to follow? You must try the Osmosis Skin Care Facial Infusion. The first non-acid peel to come onto the Cosmeceutical market the Facial Infusion will generate 30 days of collagen stimulation, this means a younger looking you! Ingredients are penetrated into the skin with liposomal delivery instead of harsh acids that traumatize your skin and the skins surface.  Perfect for acne, ageing, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation.

5.    Osmosis Skin Care use Retinaldehyde over Retinol – these are types of Vitamin A. Why is Retinaldehyde so different? Retinal or Retinaldehyde is far less irritating the Retinol. Retinal has less side effects and is perfectly suited to clients who have rosacea or sensitive skins. It also can reduce acne bacteria. View the Osmosis Serums.

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