4 skincare products I wish I took on holidays

Within 3 days of arriving in Belgium on our long awaited holidays, I realized I seriously missed these 4 skin care products. I wished I had of packed them as I knew my skin was going to suffer without. Here are my 4 skin care products that I wish I had of packed.  

No.1 Must have holiday product:

Exfoliator – There is nothing more satisfying than arriving at your destination than having a nice long hot bath or shower and giving your skin a really thorough exfoliation, especially on those long haul flights. I went to my skin care bag and the bag was exfoliator bare. I immediately thought out my time line. At 1 week of no exfoliator my skin is starting to look at little crepey and makeup is not applying as well. By week 2 I know this will be amplified and I will be looking and feeling as smooth. So after 1 week I hunted down "the best" beauty salon in the town we were staying in Belgium. Mar Le Beau in Hasselt was the salon I would visit for a thorough exfoliation, hydrating mask and massage. So good to be on the receiving end for a change and interesting to experience a European style facial. This was my solution to the crepey skin, and very enjoyable. They were kind enough to give me some exfoliator samples to last me the trip home which I loved. I would of packed my favourite exfoliator the Skin Matrix AHA Exfolating Scrub.

No.2 Must have holiday product:

Hydrating Mask – Gosh this one I seriously thought I packed but I didn't. Mar Le Beau sorted out the dehydration with their amazing facial, but I really did feel that my skin was  not as hydrated as it normally was, especially as the weather was very cold. I would of packed the Aspect Hydrating Mask for this trip.  

No.3 Must have holiday product:

Now this is more so for a cold climate, the Skin Matrix CoQ10 Rosehip Facial Oil I cannot believe I forgot to pack. I must have been not thinking clearly when I packed! Our CoQ10 Rosehip Oil I usually mix this with the Skin Matrix Hydracell Moisturiser for an added hydration boost. I hunted down an organic store looking for rosehip oil, but was not in luck. This one is a must for soft supple skin.  

No.4 Must have holiday product:

Now this one is not your usual skin care product. I do not use this product at all, besides when on the plane. There is nothing worse than the dry old stale air you breathe on the plane.  I read recently that the air quality on planes these days is worse than when people could smoke on them. Why? Because they do not need to bring in as much outside air, which they then need to spend energy in warming up, because people are not smoking any more. The carbon dioxide levels are much higher as well. I always get this irritating dry nose sensation on the plane which I solve by applying a little bit of vaseline at the entrance and just slightly inside of the nose. It works a treat. No more irritating nose rubbing and dry nose feeling.


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