Besides being my favourite ingredient of ALL time, here are some important facts you need to know about Vitamin A

No.1 Fact About Vitamin A - Youth Elixir

It is the most effective anti-ageing ingredient available! Vitamin A will increase your collagen synthesis, which in turns increases the amount of collagen we have in our skin. Collagen forms the matrix of our skin, think of your matrix like the scaffolding of a building. If the scaffolding is solid and plentiful, there is less risk of the scaffolding or our skin collapsing in areas. Collagen also stimulates our cellular turnover. What does this mean? Well if our skin is turning over, meaning from the day our little cell is born deep within our skin, this cell will be on our skins surface for the world to see in approxiately 30 days (give or take a few days depending on who you are). When we use vitamin A, our baby cell will reach the skins surface a few days earlier as the skin is now turning over much faster. 

Our collagen levels slowly decline after the age of 25, so starting on a low level from this age is ideal. If not, it is never too late. Collagen synthesis is achievable at any age! Vitamin A also repairs damage to our DNA, controls oil flow (so ideal for oily acneic skins as well), is a fabulous antioxidant, protecting and repairing the skin from free radiacal damage. 

No.2 Fact About Vitamin A - Is More Better?

It is available in different strengths, ideally you begin on a low level and increase as your skin adjusts. Believe me I have tried the stronger version first thinking stronger is better but I was left with dry, flaky and irritated skin. I actually find that the mid strength A is perfect for me. You too will discover too the optimal % that your skin loves if you start from the low levels and work your way up gradually. 

No.3 Fact About Vitamin A - Please Shed The Dead

As mentioned in Fact No. 1 Vitamin A will increase our cellular turnover. If these extra layers are not exfoliated away, then you will be left with dry skin that feels rough to the touch. To ensure you reap the benefits of your Vitamin A, make sure you exfoliate the skin at least once a week. Remember the golden rule for smooth skin. Exfoliate every day the skin feels rough. This is your skin shouting out to you "please exfoliate me!", and of course make sure you are moisturing your skin enough. 

No.4 Fact About Vitamin A - Sunscreen 365

Due to the increase in turnover of your cells, it is advised that you wear a mineral sunscreen 365 days a year when using Vitamin A. This is to protect your fresh young heathy cells from sun. Vitamin A will make you burn quicker so daily use is a must. Also, when you think about it, we are spending time and money investing in our skin, so best protect it from the one thing that destroys our collagen faster than the rate we produce it - the sun. 

I am a big advocate for mineral only sunscreen (and chemical sunscreen when swimming), as the minerals reflect harmful UV rays rather than being absorbed into our skin as chemical ingredients are designed to do, absorb then neutralize. 

My favourite Vitamin A Products are:

Skin Matrix Rebuild

Cosmedix Define

Osmosis Correct and Renew

Do you have a favourite Vitamin A Product you cannot live without?

X Happy Skin Days, Sarah Wilkinson, Skin Matrix 


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