Anyone looking to improve their skin texture and skin tone would benefit from having in clinic Skin Peeling treatments.

Clients can target pigmentation, scarring, skin congestion, acne and anti-ageing through the use of skin peels.

skin peels

I use skin peels a lot in the clinic. There are different types and strengths, so unless one has rosacea/really sensitive skin, we can all benefit from having regular in clinic skin peeling treatments.

The most common Skin Peeling Treatments are:

AHA Skin Peel: or alpha hydroxy acid peels.

These use acids such as lactic (from milk), citric (from lemons), malic (almonds), glycolic (sugar cane) and tartaric (grapes). One can have a blend of any of these together or a standalone. They each have their benefits. For eg. If someone was looking to refresh their tired skin and their main concern was anti-ageing. They could go for a hydrating lactic peel,  that is not as strong as say a glycolic peel which is more suitable for acneic skins. For someone with a normal to dry skin that had a little pigmentation, they would benefit from malic, citric and lactic together as a brightening hydrating skin peel. Your Aesthetician will guide you to the more suitable peel for your skin type and condition.
The mission of a AHA peel is to break down the intercellular glue that holds dead skin together. More effective than just exfoliating your skin with a fabulous scrub. An AHA peel will give a deeper exfoliation not only on the surface but within the pore as well. Did you know that your dead skin layers go right down into your pore. You shed skin in your pore every day. Hence the importance of assisting the skin in shedding the dead to enable one to have a clear, soft dewy complexion.

BHA Peels: Salycilic Acid Peels:

Are more commonly used for acne clients as this is the only acid that dissolves oil within the pore. I do find this skin peel more intense, it dries out the skin, it has more associated down time post peel and I feel it stressed the skin out more than the AHA peel. I do not currently use this style in clinic as I have success with the AHA style peels in treating different skin types and conditions. You want to make sure you are using the correct moisturiser in association with having this skin peel, as you need to replace the moisture levels to the skin daily to ensure you do not get too dehydrated/tight and flaky.

TCA Peels:

This skin peel is again a step up. It dries out the upper most layers of the skin so they peel off over several days. Performed by a Doctor expect some discomfort, downtime, redness and shedding. It is used in the treatment of melasma (hormonal pigment) and fine lines. Be wary when treating melasma, as there is a risk the pigmentation can go darker. Do your homework on who you see and feel free to email me to see if there is another safer solution. Happy to assist where possible.  Again I feel you can achieve the same if not better results through other safe more up to date methods. For eg. A far safer and more effective way to treat fine lines is skin needling. I would recommend this over a TCA peel any day!

At Home Peel Options:

Lighter at home options are available for those who wish to keep up the good week before salon sessions. Try the Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Peel or PCA Apres Peel Hydrating Balm.

beauty sleep power peel

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