If acne had one cause, we could formulate an easy solution for this common skin condition that affects approximately 80% of people at some stage throughout their lives. Acne can be caused by a myriad of reasons, making this sometimes tricky to treat. At Skin Matrix we follow the 4 Pillars of Skin Health Program that covers Topical, Gut, Hormones and Emotional. Within these 4 Pillars there are many facets again that can contribute to acne breakouts. Why one breakouts out will 99% of the time fall into one or a combination of the 4 Pillars of Skin Health.

Once we know what red flags present themselves from each of the 4 Pillars are we then able to take action to banish the blemish.

For those who have not had an Acne Consultation at Skin Matrix and delved into our 4 Pillars of Skin Health Program I have my top 3 irritants that have proven time and time again to be the cause of acne. If you have acne and are sick and tired of the constant breakouts, try my top 3 list first.

1. Topical – what we put on our skin is the most common reason why one breaks out. Be it your favourite chemical makeup product that you LOVE, or the chemical sunscreen that you apply daily to protect from UV, topical wins hands down time and time again. The top makeup companies have great marketing and we all want to wear it, but it is notorious for clogging pores and causing consistent daily breakouts. You then wear more as you try to conceal and the cycle continues. Same with chemical sunscreens. It will clog your skin like crazy, besides the fact that chemical sunscreens don’t always protect against UVA – the ageing ray. The answer – try out some reputable mineral make up brands (100% natural – companies can call their product mineral when in fact it only contains 1% minerals!) that will sit on the surface of the skin, not clog, look super natural and feel amazing. Eg. Youngblood, Jane Iredale and osmosis mineral make up. The best mineral sunscreen I have come across thus far is the MD Osmosis Protect – not greasy, and you can use as a moisturiser all in one. Using the right skin care for your skin type, moisturising daily, and minimal to no oil free products.

2. Dairy – 2nd on my list of highest aggravator. There is an abundance of a growth factor hormone called IGF-1 in dairy. This hormone which is designed to make baby cows grow big and strong also increases our oil flow in our pores. It also encourages the dead skin in the pore to multiply and shed and then stick together with the extra oil that is being produced inside of the pores. Inflammation in the skin is also on the increase with this hormone causing sore and red acne. It is recommended to eliminate all sources of dairy from your diet for 30 days. If your skin improves then you know that dairy is a trigger for you.

3. Coming of the contraceptive pill (especially if one has acne prior to going on the pill and went on the pill to get rid of acne) is another major cause of breakouts. Being on the pill suppresses oil production in the skin, so when the pill is stopped the skin increases in oil production. Post pill acne is a withdrawal from the birth controls strong oil suppressing drugs. There is also a natural surge in the androgen hormone after coming off the pill. Book in with a Skin Care Specialists to prep your skin for coming off the pill 1-3 months prior is best. Using AHA’s, retinols and appropriate skin care will reduce the severity if not the acne in general. You can also go onto a product called DIM (diindolymethane). DIM is a phytonutrient from broccoli. It works for skin because it blocks androgens (male hormones) at the skin receptors. Osmosis Skin Care have a popular DIM product – read more. Avoid dairy for at least a month prior and 3-6 months post coming off the pill as this contains the growth hormone IGF-1. Sugar also spikes IGF-1 hormone. Take a zinc supplement and Vitamin B supplement as absorption of these are supressed whilst on the pill. Zinc is anti bacterial and regulates keratin production (cellular turnover)

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