Osmosis is a cosmeceutical company that prides itself on being acid free and using revolutionary ingredients to remodel the dermis and rejuvenate from the bottom up. Osmosis have some fabulous serums, such as the Catalyst AC-11 that is a Vitamin C zinc finger technology to repair DNA damage, target pigmentation and broken capillaries along with healing scarring.  They also have Vitamin A serums consisting of Correct, Renew, Clarify and Calm.

Osmosis have 2 topical Harmonized Waters Clear and Clear Plus that are designed to be used in conjunction with all of their serums.  


The  Key Benefits Are:

  • Aids in product penetration into the skin. The hardest part of skin care application and efficacy is making sure that the skin care you are using is penetrating deep enough to take effect.
  • Heals and Rejuvenates the skin

Clear Plus is the same as Clear Harmonized Water with added ingredients to firm, hydrate and soothe.  

How To Use:

Add the Clear Waters to any Osmosis Serum and apply both the skin, massage in for 1-2 minutes until absorbed.  

Use Clear or Clear Plus with Osmosis Polish, there anti-ageing enzyme exfoliator. Keep the mask moist and massage in for up to 5 minutes for a clean and clear complexion.


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