This is a common question that I am asked in the treatment room. Some clients like to wait between applications but in actual fact, a slightly moist skin will absorb serums and skin care products much more effectively. The answer is straight away. You do not need to wait any length of time to apply your moisturiser. Here are some reasons why:


  1. - A moist skin will allow your moisturiser to lock into the skin, penetrating to a deeper level.
  2. - This locking in action of your moisturiser will prevent product evaporation and moisture loss from your serum.
  3. - Serums generally have a smaller molecular size, designed to penetrate quickly and deeply. So you will not effect penetration of your serum by applying a moisturiser immediately after.
  4. - Serums are generally more active products than your moisturiser. They have different jobs and purposes and the are designed to function in unison.


So I would recommend applying your serums, then straight on with your moisturiser. Make sure you really work each step into the skin. You will get so much more out of your regime if you massage each step in for approx 10-20 seconds.

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