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The Matrix Program


  • The Matrix Program has been designed to enhance your online shopping experience and to provide you with sound skin care advice from one of Australia's most respected Skin Care Clinics.
  • It is an online Skin Diagnosis Questionnaire that you can complete totally obligation free!
  • Once you complete the questionnaire, Skin Matrix will assess your answers and put together a personalised skin care plan just for you. 

By completing this questionnaire you receive the following benefits:

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Complete the Matrix Program Questionnaire below and we will email you within 1-3 business days. 

What is your Name? *
What is your Gender? *
Email *
Phone No. *
What year were you born?
What Country do you live in? *
What is your Ethinicity?
What is your natural eye colour?
What is your natural hair colour?
How do you perceive your skin to be?
How does your skin feel after you cleanse?
Do you sometimes get scaly or flaky patches on your face?
Do you get red scaly patches on either side of the nose or between the brow?
How many times a day do you moisturise?
How many times a week do you exfoliate?
If yes to the above, what do you use to exfoliate?
If you selected other to the question above, what do you use to exfoliate?
What type of moisturiser do you prefer?
Do you use sunscreen daily?
If yes to the above, what is the brand of sunscreen you use?
How many times have you sunbathed your face in the sun?
How many times have you exposed your face to a sunbed?
Are you currently suffering from new breakouts?
If you get a spot. are they hard lumps under the skin that do not form a head?
If yes to the above, how long are these spots present?
If you have a spot, how long does it take for the mark to go?
Do you have any wrinkles?
Do you have any sun spots?
Do you have any pigment on your top lip or underneath each eye in a symmetrical pattern, commonly known as Melasma?
Do you have any facial capillaries/diffused redness?
Does your face sting or react to certain products
Do you get flushing of the face?
Are you happy with you skin for your age?
What is the most important thing you would like work on with your skin?
What is the second most important thing you would like work on with your skin?
Tick the box if you would like one of our Skin Matrix Skin Experts to analyse your Matrix Program and
email you with some awesome skin tips and skin care regime! In return we will add you to our Skin Matrix Newsletter featuring
the latest skin tips and promotions.

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* by submitting your Matrix Program you will be added to our mailing list featuring the latest skin tips and promotions!

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