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CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatments

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Wanting the safest and most effective Total Skin Rejuvenation Solution available today?

The award winning CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift treatment is the answer, providing you with effective and measurable results that begin after your first session. The CACI system will provide you with a pain less natural alternative to anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation with no down time.

The CACI system is all about re-educating your facial muscles, to firm, lift and tone. The face has over 30 diifferent muscles that lie directly below and are connected to the skin's surface. Proper firmness is re-established through the non-surgical procedure by correcting sagging muscle, which in turn corrects the sag of the skin. The CACI Ultra machine will stimulate blood circulation, which helps improve muscle tone and counteracts dryness. The CACI Ultra will allow your therapist to penetrate active ingredients deep into the dermis through a method called Sonophoresis (sound waves). The CACI Ultra will plump fine and deep lines with the wrinkle comb. The wrinkle comb uses a combination of high frequency and LED - a fantastic anti-ageing combination and of course the CACI Ultra will provide you with the safest non-surgical facelift available today.

The long term effects of life's stresses eventually show somewhere on the body and the face is one of the first places causing degeneration and sagging. The tell tale signs are: the skin begins to sag or head south, blotches and skin discolouration begin to appear, muscles lose their tone, cheeks and jowls start to sag, wrinkles and lines deepen. The muscles in the skin are like small elastic bands. As we grow older they lose their natural firmness and elasticity, allowing the facial skin to sag. This sagging becomes particularly noticable around the mouth and chin.

The CACI Ultra system was designed to retard the signs of ageing, keep the skin youthful and glowing and to the facial muscles toned.

What Combination Of Treatments Can I Get when I book in for a cACI treatment?

CACI Non Surgical Face Lift: designed to stimulate every one of your facial muscles to tone and firm the face. Think of it like you are taking your face to the gym for a work out. This is the most advanced, effective and safest non-surgical facelift treatment available today. All 32 facial muscles are gently manipulated and re-educated by a trained therapist using a series of precise movements. Soft cotton tipped wands are used on the face to transmit the micro-current energy to the facial muscles to restore tone and elasticity. As we grow older our facial muscles naturally start to lose tone and elasticity. Genetics, lifestyle, weight fluctuation and environmental factors can all influence the rate and degree to which our muscles will lose their tone as we all know first impressions count and a sagging face can make you look tired, miserable and older than your years. Following over 20 years of research and development CACI have launched the CACI Ultra, a non surgical solution to combat loss of muscle tone using CACI micro current facial toning therapy.

How Many CACI Treatments Will I Need?

For best results a course of 12 treatments twice a week is recommended followed by 1 session per month. This will all depend on the condition of your skin and your age. Once you have completed a course of 12, you will not need to do another course if you maintain the monthly sessions.Our clients have seen fabulous results when combining the course of CACI with the Rejuva3 Elite Home Device.


15 minutes $40
30 minutes $70


We recommend that our CACI clients use the Rejuva3 Elite Home Rejuvenation Device at home for optimal results 2 times a week, 10 minutes per session. Click here for more information

CACI treatments will work on:

  • wrinkles and laughter lines
  • firms up under eye bags
  • tightens the muscles that make up the face
  • leaves you feeling alive and with a vibrant glow
  • stimulate collagen and elastin
  • exercises your facial muscles
  • improves lymphatic drainage resulting in complexion improvements
  • will allow deeper penetration of vitamins, minerals and nourishing ingredients into the dermal layers of your skin

The CACI Ultra system will stimulate the circulation of energy to the facial tissues and muscles. This increases the rate the the skin produces proteins such as collagen and elastin and the rate in which muscle tissue can be re-constructed. The CACI treatments deal with both the skin and the supporting muscle tissue beneath it restoring form and vitality to tissues that have gone soft due to lack of use and circulation.

About CACI

The CACI treatment has over 20 years of medical research behind it and is completely safe and painless.

It is the original non-surgical face and body lifting treatment which was devised by Dr. Thomas Wing of the United States. Originally the treatment was used to treat victims of bells palsy and strokes, but it was noted when treating the affected sides of the face, it actually lifted higher than the unaffected side.

The Ultra utilizes a sub-sensory electric current to re-educate our facial muscles, while improving both the tone and texture of the skin. The process diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles and produces a natural lift without the use of surgery or other invasive methods.

When combined with powerful anti-inflammatory topicals and substances that help reverse the damage from AGEs we have a very holistic and natural approach to eliminating many of the unwelcome signs of aging.

These facial treatments are very relaxing and produce little to no sensation. At the end of the treatment you can immediately return to your normal activities feeling refreshed and invigorated, with a new, rejuvenated look that is far deeper than just cosmetic.

More On Microcurrent Technology

Micro-current stimulation delivers tiny electrical impulses that mirror the body’s own natural bio electrical field. In most cases, treatment is virtually sub- sensory, with just a slight electrical tingling sensation.

Originally developed for treating facial palsy Micro-current therapy is now also used widely in physiotherapy for pain control and in hospitals for wound healing. As an aesthetic treatment micro-current stimulation has been shown to have a number of other cosmetic benefits:

  • re-educates muscles
  • increases blood and lymph circulation
  • enhances the penetration of the active ingredients of skin care formulations
  • increases the production of collagen and elastin
  • increases protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis and cell membrane transport
  • increases mitochondria activity , adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

Microcurrent in aesthetics is commonly described as “facial toning or non surgical face lifting” due to the dramatic lifting effect that micro-current has on facial muscles and facial contours True micro-current uses a current with an intensity of less than one millionth of an amp (< 1mA) and because of it’s low intensity it does not cause a physical or visual contraction of the muscle, instead, micro-current stimulation works by a process called muscle re-education.

In the 1960’s Drs S. Baker and S.Doyle demonstrated that effective and long term muscle re-education could only be achieved using micro-current if ultra low frequencies (less than 1 Hertz) were used.

Working a muscle from belly outward will have a lengthening/relaxing effect that is necessary on muscles that have become contracted over years of facial expression ( eg frown lines ). Working a muscle from the origin and insertion point inward will have a shortening effect that is necessary for the majority of the muscles that have become elongated over time due to age and gravity.

Although a remarkable difference is seen after the first treatment, the benefits of micro-current are cumulative and typically a course of 12 treatments will be required for optimum results.

Why do wrinkles form?

Facial wrinkles are caused by a number of factors:

  • Dynamic lines - these are wrinkles that are caused by contraction of the muscles of facial expression. Repeated compression of the skin along these lines breaks down the collagen fibres which support the skin to form specific lines and wrinkles. Initially, these wrinkles can only be seen when the muscles contract e.g when you smile/frown, however, as the skin becomes progressively creased, the lines may often appear at rest.
  • Loss of facial volume - When we are younger, our face is more plump and full as time passes, this volume is lost. Fat around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead are depleted. This loss of volume leads to some bagginess of skin and the formation of wrinkles. Loss of facial volume also results in an older, more gaunt appearance, as is often seen with dramatic weight loss. Microcurrent Non-surgical facial toning can help to replace this lost volume - improving both wrinkles and the overall youthfulness of the face.
  • Gravity - The inescapable pull of gravity draws the skin downwards on the face. This leads to drooping of the cheeks and formation of nasolabial lines (the lines from the corners of the mouth to the nose) and jowls, drooping of the eye skin and formation of upper and lower lid laxity and wrinkles.
  • Sleep lines – These are caused by the compression of the skin from contact of the pillow to the face when sleeping. Their location is determined by the underlying attachments of the muscles of the face. Pillow contact puts pressure on these attachments and causes sleep lines. Sleep lines can often be found on the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks and upper lip, and are not created by muscle contraction.
  • Other External Factors – Sun damage, smoking and poor diet can also cause a thinning of the skin, de-hydration and a break down of collagen leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.



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