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 Australia's No. #1 Home Facial Rejuvenation System

Why is the Rejuva3 Elite Device the preferred Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation System?

  • We use the optimal microcurrent output for facial rejuvenation
  • Easy to use
  • 100% safe and pain free
  • Time efficient: average time spent per week 2 x 10 minutes sessions
  • Chargable and portable (no batteries)


How to use the Rejuva3 Elite

Click here to see the Rejuva3 Elite Movements Recommended for Face and Body

Rejuva3 Elite - Is designed for all skin types (except severe rosacea skins)

Rejuva3 Elite combines 4 technologies into the 1 device:

  1. 1. Electroporation -  the latest and safest way to deliver active ingredients into the skin
  2. 2. RF (radiofrequency) -  for collagen regeneration, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction
  3. 3. LED Phototherapy -  for collagen regeneration, skin healing, acne and anti-ageing
  4. 4. EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) - takes your facial muscles to the gym, EMS stimulates and firms facial muscles.

Rejuva3 Elite uses all the above technologies in the same easy to use device. Simply choose your LED setting and level of intensity.

Check out our FAQ's and who cannot use this device

Its time to transform your skin!

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"I absolutely love the Rejuva 3 Elite! I have been using this for two weeks and found the Rejuva 3 easy and convenient to use, and love the fact I need only use the Rejuva 3 Elite only twice a week to get great results.

The Rejuva 3 Elite’s features including EMS and Radio frequency feel great on my skin. I find using the Rejuva 3 Elite very relaxing after a long stressful day at work due to the electrical muscle stimulation and the warm feeling on my skin…it is very comforting and like a wonderful massage for my face which helps release the stresses and tension of a busy day.

I have found that the Rejuva 3 Elite effectively aids in infusing all my products and I have noticed that my skin glows as a result.

I highly recommend the Rejuva 3 Elite for great looking skin…I feel like I’m having an in-salon treatment all from the comfort and convenience at home."

Bernadette, Skin Matrix Client

“I have been using Rejuva3 Elite for a few weeks now and am starting to see real results. My skin was immediately smoother and has become firmer and toned over time. I now starting to see results with lines particularly around my smile lines. I put this all down to the Rejuva3 Elite.”

Karen, Skin Matrix Client


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