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Teens can have some of the most combative, quarrelsome and contrary skin imaginable, and many cosmetic and skin care ranges are more focused stripping the skin of its natural oils rather than supporting the skin through the teenage years. Teen Aspect is a fantastic range that understands sometimes everyone needs some help to achieve that rosy glow! 4 Products make up up the Teen Aspect Skin Care Line.

The Teen Aspect line focuses on daily essential care items teens are most likely to need and benefit from, without overloading them with hundreds of unnecessary chemicals and potions. Effective yet sensitive to fragile developing skin, the cleansers, toners and break out fighters make a great core for any skin care regimen (not just for teens)! They Teen Aspect selection also make great gifts for friends, daughters or younger relatives who might want to be introduced to skin care routines in a gentle manner that won’t overwhelm

The Teen Aspect Cleanser is a gentle yet effective cleanser that will not leave your teen dry and flaky. Lactic and Salicylic Acid work on keeping pores clean and clear whilst glycerin will keep the skin soft and hydrated. The Teen Aspect Toner containing vitamin B and Salicylic Acid and lemon tea tree oil will further enhance oil dissolving abilities for stubborn acne and breakouts. Use on a cotton round after cleansing morning and/or nightly. Drier skins may only need once a day use.

A skin care step that can be dreaded by the teenager, moisturising. The fear that hydrating the skin will lead to more breakouts can make this step regularly left out much to the detriment to the skin. The skin needs moisture, it craves it! Using the Teen Aspect Moisturiser will not make your teen breakout, quite the contrary, it will soothe, calm, soften and even keep those pores supple enough to prevent further breakouts. The Teen Aspect Stop Spot is a spot treatment you can use for individual spots or for an area of spots. Dab onto the skin before or after the Teen Aspect Lotion, only use twice a day otherwise you can dry the skin out with over application. The Teen Aspect Range have you covered with the Teen Aspect Kit which contains all 4 of the Teen Aspect Skin Care Products.

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