The most effective sunscreens are often zinc-based lotions that are much better at protecting skin from harmful UV rays, but are essentially about as fashionable as a coat of housepaint.

Invisible Zinc combines the fantastic protective strength of zinc oxide to block out damaging and dangerous UV emissions, with an acknowledgement that in real life you can’t go around looking like a cricket umpire all day!

In fact, the Invisible Zinc range not only fights off that evil ultraviolet spectrum for you - it also contains a selection of multi-purpose products that can fill the role of concealer, foundation, moisturiser, and pollutant shield - all without grease, smudge or re-application! Most Invisible Zinc products are water-resistant to a varying extent and are suitable for gym, swimming pool or outdoor wear. This is the perfect range for the woman on the go, the kiddies and whole family who cares about both health and beauty.

Invisible Zinc is my number one go to, I personally love the Invisible Zinc Face and Body SPF 30. I rev it up to SPF 50 when I am at the beach. Remember SPF rating only refers to time of protection not the level of protection. So a SPF 50 you will reapply less frequently to a SPF 30. For those liking a little bit of tint in their SPF - an all in one sunscreen and make up, then the Invisible Zinc Tinted Day Wear SPF30 is for you. Available in light and medium this sunscreen contains no titanium dioxide, no nasties, no chemical sunscreen filters. Suitable for all skin types, use daily to protect your skin from prematurely ageing.

Traditional sunscreens containing only Zinc have in the past have not been able to protect you whilst swimming or heavy sweaty exercise. Invisible Zinc offer water resistant Sunscreens that will keep you covered, sweat, water and all! Invisible Zinc is your healthy sunscreen option for you and the whole family. Natural sunscreen is the only way to go.

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