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The epidermis is the largest organ that we have, and our first line of defence against damage from sun and elements, pollutants, bacteria and pretty much everything out there in the big bad world! Our skin takes quite a battering every day, yet it picks itself up and does it all over again for the entirety of our lifetime.

Of course, visible skin damage is a natural result not just of aging but pretty much of existing. It’s not your fault if you have tired, pigmented, scarred, wrinkled or blemished skin. However, you can give your skin (and yourself) a helping hand with a good skin care routine that will protect, nourish, heal and revitalise this most important and most besieged asset of ours.

All skin can benefit from daily cleansing to wash away bacteria and built-up grime that simple showers won’t catch, as well as moisturising to hydrate and restore acidic balance to the epidermis. Most of us will also appreciate the occasional spot treatment, mineral mask, eye rejuvenator or other specific therapy for trouble areas or problematic occasions. And absolutely everyone needs a sunscreen, although different skin types will demand different strengths as well as grease and other concerns.

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