Mineral & Natural Sunscreen

Mineral sunscreens are natural sunscreens that protect against harsh UV rays and the damage they provoke, without chemical formulations that can do as much harm as good. Using an organic sunscreen or mineral sunscreen is a perfect solution for sensitive skin types who often suffer the most from strong sunlight while being equally troubled by the greasy or imbalancing sun lotions available on the market.

Natural sunscreens are as efficacious as artificial ones, with the added benefit of being more health-conscious. While sun damaged skin can be a cosmetic concern and treated with beauty therapies, the more pressing concern is the health implications. Australia, particularly, suffers from not only a hot climate but also from a hole in the ozone layer, and our outdoors culture and lifestyles often expose us to more UV than is good for us.

Take a look through our natural sunscreens and organic sunscreen selection to find the best Australia has to offer.

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