HydroPeptide Skin Care Kits

The HydroPeptide Skin Care Range is a Peptide infused Cosmeceutical Range that is suited for all skin types, delivering scientific ingredients along with so many delicious scents this range spells luxury.

One of our best selling HydroPeptide Kits is the Plump and Polish, a 2 part peeling system that exfoliates the skin with microdermabrasion crystals infused in vitamin C and peptides. Peptides are known to assist the skin with collagen and anti-ageing benefits. The second part of this peeling system layers a lactic peel ontop of the crystals to infuse and penetrate those peptides further into the skin whilst softening the uppermost layers. We recommend this one for all skin types except the very sensitive. You can do this once a week as your weekly ritual.

HydroPeptide have a great selection of travel skin care kits which also double as a great option for you to sample their beautiful range.

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