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Skin toner or face toner is a general term for a family of skin care therapies that have a variety of applications and uses, but generally revolve around cleansing and shrinking pores. In earlier times, alcohol-based formulations like methylated spirits or perfumes were used for this purpose - invigorating, certainly, but perhaps not the best practice for healthy skin!

At Skin Matrix, we prefer to use skin toners that are interested in cultivating and nurturing a strong epidermis to produce a natural glow, rather than breaking it down in the name of beauty. Our selection of toners generally leans towards botanical and herbal formulations, natural acids, and gentle actions. These face toners should act more like a conditioner, working in concert with other elements of your skin care regime to produce a silky epidermis and minimising exposed pores, rather than using chemical acids to burn and artificially manipulate skin.

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