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Exfoliation, the process of removing the upper dead layers of skin on the epidermis, is almost as old as recorded history. Some of the most antique methods - vinegar and pumice stones - are still used today, although many of us will prefer a more comprehensive therapy for a face exfoliator that combines effective natural ingredients and scientific formulations with gentle mechanical action.

Harsh face exfoliators and body exfoliators can be the bane of any skin care regimen, with imbalanced PH levels, exposed fresh skin and chemical allergens damaging your most sensitive areas. Alternatively, weak, thin or greasy body exfoliators can be equally as harmful, leading to blocked pores, ashy skin and grimy buildup. A good middle ground will be different for everyone, depending on your skin type, situation and other conditions, and your face exfoliator and body exfoliator should be carefully chosen for maximum effect.

At Skin Matrix, we select our stock based on their health-conscious principles and actions as well as social and environmental concerns. These exfoliators should leave you with a smile on your face and a healthy glow.

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