The promises given by some collagen cream brands is a little short of a fairytale! If only it was that easy to apply a cream and PRESTO we have more collagen. Collagen creams simply do not deliver because of the very important fact that:
  • the molecular size of collagen is too large to penetrate through our epidermis (top layer of the skin)
  • the collagen they are using is plant collagen - we are not made of plant collagen
Collagen is made of proteins and is produced within our body from a lovely little cell called the fibroblast. We need to stimulate our fibroblast cell to produce more of our OWN collagen. When collagen first forms it contains the amino acids glycine and proline which is also in the Osmosis Serums Catalyst and Catalyst Plus. This is not collagen in its full form, this amino acid collagen is called Procollagen.
Vitamin C is then required for collagen synthesis from procollagen to collagen.
This along with Vitamin A (retinol, retinaldehyde) will give you a great start to increasing your collagen production the right way.
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