Follow on Bloglovin Breakouts on the forehead can be a nuisance and troubling as most are accustomed to breakouts on the cheek and chin area, not the forehead. The meaning behind breaking out on the forehead can be directly linked to the digestive system, the stomach, intestinal walls and liver. I wanted to delve deeper into understanding why some are prone to breaking out on the forehead, and so I stumled across a fabulous website (view here) that explains this in more detail very clearly. They explain the issue in relation to Chinese Medicine and Face Mapping. Other points I learnt that relate to the forehead breakouts are:
  • stress
  • irregular sleep patterns
  • bad tempers
  • too much worrying
  • toxin build up
  • too many sugary foods
  • fringes
  • hair product
  • dirty hats/caps
Other factors that I should address would be inappropriate makeup for your skin. Wearing a non-mineral makeup (especially one containing talc!) can be a nightmare for the complexion. These traditional makeup products do not let the skin breathe and clog the pores. Make sure you look into 100% pure mineral make up, don't be fooled by marketing campaigns advertising "Mineral Make up" when in actual fact they only contain 1% minerals! Another factor would be the incorrect skin care. Consult with your aesthetician, (if you do not have one, find one you trust) and discuss what products you should be using for your skin type. They will be able to assist with appropriate treatments, and they will follow through with you to ensure the problem is solved. I have had success with clients who actually increase moisturizing their skin. Some clients are only moisturizing their skin once a day. Please moisturize 2 x day, your skin needs it! Another factor could be overuse of AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) and other exfoliation methods. This is why you really need to consult with an aesthetician to find the root cause. Have a question about this topic? Or have a totally different question that you would like me to answer? Please email me here: [email protected] Want advice with your Skin Care? Not sure which products are best for you? Complete our Matrix Program, an online skin care consultation for professional advice. Happy Skin Days, Sarah Wilkinson